Legal gambling asks for the intervention of politics

Today, and here from these lines, we would like to start with the "result" of a research carried out by Nomisma entitled "The priority of intervention requested from politics" and from which it appears that gambling, and also ... more

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Match Fixing: you should talk about it more often

The match fixing, unfortunately, continues to be an element of discussion because news that concern him continues to come out and, of course, this implies that this phenomenon must be kept particularly eye before "phenomenon" passes to be a difficult "problem" ... more

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Perhaps the hypothesis of a national framework law on the game is born

And to think that the reorganization of the public game, including the best online casino platforms, should solicit the interests of all the protagonists: on the one hand the state that if it does not urgently intervene to the reform of the sector ... more

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Puglia: less restrictive innovations are boycott about the game

Despite the yellow-green executive, let it leak that perhaps a best game and casino reform will come (the appointment of the Undersecretary at the Villarosa Games should be the prodrome) the Five Star Movement does not want to leave the pre-election route that ... more

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The United Kingdom is grateful to the game

Perhaps, our country "should grow" and abandon respectability and false moralisms that in the last two years have done nothing but hinder any game activity, causing the recreational sector in the abyss, and also that of ... more

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Valle d'Aosta: distanziometer for the game rooms

With firmness it has often stated that the "distanziometer", and the time slots of ignition of slot machines, cannot be tools that can contribute to the contrast of the problematic game: and not only, it is asserted that the only goal that achieves ... more

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Football falls back with rigged bets

Bets: they are a segment of the world of game which, especially lately, is making it talk so much of itself and of what she drags behind. There was also a lot of talk about the various football championships, the "major" series and ... more

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The world of game is forced to always be evolving

The world of game, including American casino legal sites, is always evolving a bit by its own nature, but also because sometimes it is forced to be, therefore to reinvent itself in particular when the regulations that ... more

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Euro Poker Million at the Pearl Resort by Nova Gorica

On various occasions it has been expressed that the poker has lost its appeal towards the players and that, slowly, it is going to end up in a sort of "games of the games": but it is absolutely not ... more

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Veneto: illegal game begins to become heavy

For more than a year, from these lines, the attention is kept on the "return to the market" of the illegal game that is taking the place made vacant by the presence of what is legal and which, unfortunately, finds like this ... more

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