The possibility of inserting slot machines with 68% payout

For those who do not follow the world of gambling, and also that of the best casinos in USA, closely it must be remembered that the budget law for 2019 has granted the possibility of introducing entertainment appliances with ... more

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Betting yes, bets no: does sport have to be still involved?

The problem of sports betting, indeed the sporting betting sector, involves how you can imagine a "sea magnum" of interests not only at American level, but also internationally: and it is clear that this segment also will discuss ... more

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The game without money is also destined to disappear

There is no escape for the game, including also the best sites of American casino: whether we talk about the one with money in money and for pure entertainment, one must always deal with his problems, which unfortunately ... more

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The intentions of the government towards the champion casino

Until today, when we talked about the particularly critical situation that enveloped the champion of American champion, how much "indifference" has been highlighted by the government in facing and solving this problem that is throwing a lot ... more

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Bingo: the call for tenders is anxiously expected

If the call for the Bingo was put in place (finally), as expected for some time by this segment and by the associations that protect companies, in the current regulatory situation, it could be damage to the entire sector. More and more times… more

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Manipulations Sports competitions: hard blow for bets

There is no doubt that online sports bets are a segment of the game to be kept absolutely in the eye because they "turn" several money and the "temptations" that revolve around you are many: unfortunately, sometimes they go to affect sporting events ... more

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Casino di Sanremo: there are those who say it is the best

Of the four tricolor gaming houses we often speak lately, especially since there is the problem of that of Campione d'Italia which is followed carefully because it involves a significant number of families: but it would be preferred to speak of the four Americans ... more

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Game: the policies of previous governments were a disaster

It is certainly not possible to say that the world of public gambling, and that of the best casino sites, has been treated benevolently by the various legislatures that have alternated in recent years ... and let's not talk about ... more

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The courage to call businesses even those that deal with the game

It will surely arrive one day, and hopefully not very far, that even the "structures" that treat the best game and online casinos will be able to return to being called "businesses" because, perhaps, this will mean in general that we have returned to ... more

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Dignity Decree: no consultation with game operators

When there are measures for the world of public game and for the world of American online casinos, there is nothing to do ... you have to run, but also to tremble because every intervention concerning this sector, unfortunately, "always costs a lot"! Yup… more

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