Piedmont: the bars that host game appliances are closing

The news that you want to report "for the onor of news" do not "like", because it is feared that it can be prodrome of many other equal that will follow, given the commercial disaster that the application of the law on the game of the Piedmont region has ... more

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Game operators want the reform of the sector as soon as possible

From all the sectors of public gambling, including the online casino sector, a unanimous and stentorian voice rises which underlines a "nothing done" as regards the protection of legality on the American territory, but the constant stay ... more

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Sports poker must not be considered gambling

Before going into the concept of the article you are about to write, you want to "present", to those who still do not know him, Mario Adinolfi president of the people of the family, who has always sided against the spread of the phenomenon of scratch cards ... more

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Puglia: the game regulations are old, a national law is needed

For the world of public game, including the best mess in USA, it seems to live in an endless nightmare: the opinion, in fact, of another Tar, that of Puglia, gives reason and believes that the Municipality of Lecce ... more

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Portugal: 75% of players choose illegal game

The application of the old adagio "Mal Comune, half Gaudio" can be easily (but not pleasantly) to apply the world of illegal game to the world: in fact, as in our beautiful country this segment of the game grows dramatically also in Portugal where it was found ... more

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The game takes on a taxation of 54% greater

The world of gambling and that of the best online casino platforms, in its complexity, has made its budget regarding 2018: the stability of the tax revenues from games is highlighted, which will undoubtedly have ... more

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Gambling must become socially sustainable

Those who read us know the curiosity that pushes us to the world of game and the best American online casino sites, as it is lived in other countries and other latitudes: curiosities that increases when it is perceived that ... more

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USA looks at Denmark for the promotion of the game

In our day there is no hope, you have to look at and check everything in any direction you look at: from food, to clothes, to shoes and up to gambling. I agree that with the game, in fact, it is ventured ... more

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If you continue to fight the online legal game, the illegal one will win

The task, duty and burden of a state that protects the interests of its citizens should be to keep legitimate businesses well and put all possible forces to counter and eradicate those that, however, not ... more

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The Cybercity app arrives with the participation of Prime Minister Conte

The Cybercity application was born, developed by the DIS of the Prime Minister: aimed at first degree secondary school students and includes challenges to face, search for friends with whom to recommend, enemies to fight and puzzles to be resolved through mini-game. A… more

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