In the UK, gambling is seen as a resource that brings wealth

Since the dignity decree was issued, with the ban on advertising to games and bets, it has continued to support, in these lines, that all this would have removed the interest of the American Betting market from international interests: ... more

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AGCOM guidelines: a real mockery for poker

The guidelines of AGCOM, who have made (almost) clarity on the ban on advertising to gambling and casinos on the internet, probably satisfied most of the "recipients" of this provision, clarifying how much the same cannot be considered ... more

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The legal gambling that is good for sport

Those who still read us, know perfectly how many times we have fought to make known to our American public opinion as the world of gambling, with its online casino sites, with its resources and its ... more

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The election campaign also speaks of gambling

Politics is a somewhat difficult "sector" to understand, how difficult it is to "be inside" and manage situations that one day are made in one way and the following day in another, obtaining that public opinion is confused or ... more

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Stall game waiting for the elections

We would like to believe that everything stops (in a recurring way) for the administrative, regional elections and, of course, even for European ones, hoping for an improvement. Elections that, never as in this historical period of our country, and given the condition ... more

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Survive regional laws: amusement also tries

Considering that no one takes care of it, it is necessary to continue to "scream" that regional laws on the game, which also touch the mess on the web, are absolutely disastrous for businesses, which are companies that deal with equipment with winnings in ... more

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Institutions and game united for the reform of the playful sector

And to read this title, you should certainly add: otherwise you don't go from anywhere! The experience gained in the world of public game and in that of the best American casinos, in recent months, indeed during last year, should ... more

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The profession of poker player is made official in the USA

Only at the idea that the figure of "Professional Poker Player" will certainly be made official, there will certainly be someone who "will turn up his nose" and some others who will give his sentence: this "is one of the fashionable works" and shortly (but Let's disagree) not ... more

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For the ban on advertising on games, so much fear for nothing

In light of the experiences of other countries, certainly more "historical" than ours for the management of the world of games and the best mess on the Internet, as well as following the many expectations "guidelines" put in circulation by AGCOM , ... more

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The American game must remain united as happens in the United Kingdom

We absolutely do not want to think that the world of operators of the American public game is less than that which is the game of gambling in the United Kingdom, because common interests are always to put a sector on the field that ... more

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