So the gambling cannot go on

It almost seems, that the game sector, including the best legal casinos, is afraid to "show its real situation", but this time with accounts in hand: and this, evidently, because whoever imposes further tax to tax ... more

december 7, 2019: • No comment

There is no justice for the gambling sector

Objectively, today it seems that the "Cassa" of the State certainly comes before the "needs" of the game sector: this spuries from all "pores" of the 2020 maneuver where at least a little justice could have been done towards the game ... more

december 4, 2019: • No comment

The gambling reform that is not a reform

After so many promises, many statements, many jolts and after, unfortunately, also many increases in taxation on games and online casinos, today we find ourselves with a maneuver that represents us pro-bone interventions as if the way of the games was ... more

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Responsible gambling is fun

How many times has been said, from many sides, that gambling is disastrous and accompanies people to the drift of the problematic game. How many times has also been said that the state intervenes (or rather makes decentralized institutions intervene) ... more

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Wave of new taxes for the gambling sector

Perhaps it should be thought, if the maneuver was not (probably) closed, which other "rabbit will come out of the hat" of the yellow-red executive, seen and considered that the minds of our policy have truly expressed themselves with an extreme and galloping fantasy in the " Get "taxes ... more

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As.tro in defense of the game and its legality in the territory

Many speeches that today more than ever soon become in the public domain, put in place by our policy and that concern the world of gambling and that of the best American mess, do nothing but make it increasingly difficult ... more

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Confusion in the game: so illegality takes hold

The actors of the world of public gambling are many: the state, local authorities, regions, players, companies, operators as well as the offer of the game product, the risks of the problematic game, or even compulsive, And finally the ... more

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Gambling must try to change skin

Considering, first of all, that in our country the gambling, and also the casino platforms, is tartinated and demonized with any form (which is presupposed legal) the same sector perhaps could collect the challenge that is now proposed to him ... more

november 16, 2019: • No comment

Gambling: a loss of jobs were borne

That our country lives in a state of perennial economic and financial crisis is a fact that it is not possible to bypass, that unemployment is a problem of enormous size that runs through the territory from the north ... more

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Calabria: a comparison between the region and entrepreneurs of the game

We do not understand the motivation for which with the associations that assist game companies, and of casino sites, and the institutions cannot be entertained a sliding comparison and above all useful to get to the lens of ... more

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