The games sector wants a comparison with the government

It is certainly not possible to say that the associations that assist the game companies and the best American casino legal sites have not repeatedly requested the current executive comparisons or interviews in order to have the opportunity to explain ... more

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Unfortunately, legal gambling is bad everywhere

"We like it" to bother Marco Tullio Cicero remembering this phrase that contains the uncertainties and concerns of this period so dangerous for our safety: "Mala tempora currunt sed peira Parantur". Bad times for gambling and for all ... more

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Still attempts to dismantle legal gambling

With all this bailmme of ordinances of both the central government by DPCM and the regions, it is undoubtedly difficult to follow its provisions: too many rules, close and consequent. We do not make time to acquire one that after two days, ... more

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Recycling and illegal gambling: anti -mafia speaks

For some time, the National Anti -Mafia Directorate, DNA, relating to EU policies on anti -money laundering, has kept under control the suspicious operations service that also concerns operators from the world of game and the world of online casino: this service over the years ... ... more

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Finally Piedmont opens to legal gambling

It seems truly impossible that there is an opening towards the world of game and the casino best Americans from the Piedmont Region who for years "has been removing against everything that represents gambling": today, however, unexpectedly opens to ... more

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Advertising is allowed to alcohol and not to legal gambling

Even if you really want to forget the content of the dignity decree in the part concerning the ban on the advertising of the game and bets, here you put the "tempting devil" to tease the sponsorship on the shirts of some ... more

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The French gambling lockdown arouses fear

Many times, as if to strengthen the sensations, it was emphasized that he wanted to see the glass half full which, especially as regards the world of the game, including the best legal casino sites, with the whole of the old problems ... more

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Gambling will start without any help

The new security measures, in a certain sense, give a "strong" image of our yellow-red executive that you want to move in advance before you are trapped again among the turns of the second wave of the emergency. Also because with these new restrictions, ... more

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When the game creates professions and professionals

Unfortunately in our country and, especially with the current executive, when it comes to play, and also of authorized American casinos, the term "perdition, exploitation weakness, crime" is often united: these are the best terms that are addressed to the world of the… more

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Bettors have changed their way of betting

When we talk about facing a new world of public game, in the game rooms or in the casinos we speak in general of the game with slot machines or the one at the green table: rivers of words have been paid ... more

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