Anti -mafia commission and Sapar: together to fight illegal game

The Anti -Mafia Commission has always been, and the commission of contrasting the illegal game from its recently recent birth, continue to seek collaboration and suggestions from all those who for various reasons are part of the world of the game: operators, associations, the agency ... more

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Entertainment: we like to talk about horses and their protection

Yes, he replies to truth: "We like" today talking about horses and their protection. Those who usually write entertaining those who still read us on gambling, including the best casino sites with slots, and on the problems that still afflict it today: ... more

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Really heavy misadventure of a game operator

"We like" telling how an old and beautiful fairy tale was the really heavy (economically) "misadventure" of a game operator struggling with "a ravenous wolf" that deprives him of his crop and puts him in a sad condition not to ... more

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Playing protection: the traced road is the right one

The request for gambling, and also of the best online casinos, has always been there and always there will be because in being human there has always existed the desire to have fun, entertain with lightness, play. So everyone should put their hearts in peace ... more

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Gambling desire: a new law for the sector

There is no day that at least one protagonist of the immense world of game and online casino slots are not external the desire to see the dream of the national reorganization of the entire playful sector come true. It is therefore talked about with a certain frequency: but ... more

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Sustainable gambling: who knows if it will ever be reached

According to the opinion of the writer, the game is a situation, a moment, a predisposition that makes you perceive that at that precise moment it is willing to get out of our traditional behavior patterns and to question us even ... more

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Use and abuse of gambling deserve reflection

There are really no times the times in which from our writing we have attempted to underline that the good part of the players, including those who approached the game and the casino sites with online slot during ... more

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Delegated law on the game: match in fourth and then forgotten

When last year there was talk of the delegated law on the game, to speed up his process that should have been short and the law that should have had a "succulent content" for the resolution of the long -standing critical issues that are really encouraging ... more

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There is a lot of discussion on gambling but you don't try to improve

It really seems absurd that in recent months the topic of gambling, including the best sites of online casino with slots, "is holding the counter" both in politics and among the same companies, in the associations: but what appears ... more

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UK: stresses to reopen advertising to the game

Sometimes if also urged indirectly, one certainly cannot avoid thinking, often and not willingly, of the entry "tense leg" of the total prohibition of advertising to games, game sites and betting in the life of the companies involved ... more

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