The expulsive effect returns to the regions is the protagonist

Among the many disquisitions of the last few weeks, among the critical issues that are then overcome also by means of the policy of pure entertainment, the national reorganization of the game, and of the new casino with better slots, which will certainly not arrive as hoped, ... more

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A miracle for gambling that has never come true

Until the last, and even afterwards, to the news of the government crisis and the resignation of Mario Draghi all the game industry and the new American legal casino adm has really hoped that the "miracle" took place and that the famous one ... more

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Let's forget the reorganization of the game with the government crisis

Forget and abandon the idea of the national reorganization of the entire game sector will be extremely difficult! But on the other hand, if the outgoing government failed in his institutional life, albeit short, to "move" at least the territorial question as one might think ... more

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What intends to provide for any new game law

Even if "in the church (of the game and of the slot casinos) there is no certainty" (known towards the "Canzona di Bacco" composed of Lorenzo de 'Medici called the Magnificent on the occasion of the Carnival of 1490) to the professionals of the world playful ... more

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Enough with the negativity associated with gambling

Perhaps the world of games and the best online casinos ADM needs, every now and then, to recognize in someone the soul of a possible better future for their businesses, for its working and economic goals and for the same ... more

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You need someone to get up on the side of the players

The reorganization of the game sector and the American online casino sites should presuppose the regulation of the game companies, the rules that determine the exact attitude and behavior. In short, everything they have to offer ... more

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Gambling: the feared territorial question returns to loom

For years now it has been talked about and the topic has also recently become the most "discussed" both by the world of American games and casinos online, and by the trade associations, and by the customs and monopolies agency: obviously, yes ... more

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Some gaming companies will inevitably die

It seems that no one interests the end that the game and slot casino sector will do, with all the companies that contains and the considerable number of workers who contemplate, if the long -awaited national reorganization of the entire ... does not appear ... more

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Legal gambling: very often despised by politics

Sometimes, unfortunately, politics also calls him to sprain "gambling" with this by letting you glimpse that illegality that dates back to a period that should be forgotten and that enclosed in the notorious videopoker all the possible transgression in the game: but other times the ... more

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Public game: the hiding of the legislator continues to continue

Today, even risking perhaps a bit inisharating our opinion declaredly deployed towards the public game and all American online casinos, "reserve of state", it must be shouted strong that the world of games is truly tired and ... more

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