Legal gambling: the state must be more present

There are really no longer the interventions that the writer took the briga to put in place with their own to defend the public game and the online casinos, and everything around him, from negative inertia ... more

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Earth game: scares the growth of online game

During the pandemic period, and also subsequently, he looked at himself with extreme attention to the world of games and the best American legal mess and to the various "abuses" that the same has undergone during the long Lockdown: recipient of these reflections ... more

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Brand protection: so legal gambling is protected

Recently, and more and more frequently, we found ourselves "telling" how many interventions were carried out by our law enforcement agencies to find the illegal game that is the master across the territory on the American territory: it is chased ... more

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Council of State: another pronunciation in favor of the game

It is certainly not possible to say that it is not of a wide satisfaction for those who also love the world of gambling and the best casino sites with slot, being faced with any pronunciation issued aside ... more

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Physical game and online game: the division of the sector continues

While the fairs of the gaming sector "unroll" with the Primavera principle and offer themselves in presence to start living again and, above all, to start the path in the name of sustainability that should mark the beginning of a new era ... more

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Takes a great desire for gambling from Ice London

Although a few days after its opening, you cannot avoid feeling still in "almost palpable way" as enthusiasm transmitted Ice London who with its "presence" after more than two years has collected many ... more

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Legal gambling hated by many but never disappeared

Even if recently, both during the pandemic emergency and immediately afterwards, from many sides it was declared that it would be a significant damage if the legal game and all the best slots including, it disappeared totally from the American territory, you have to take ... more

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Some regions do not face the game constructively

Pending the law delegated on the game and on the best online casino that perhaps is coming from afar, in the various regions you have to face the many problems of the world of games which, if something sudden does not really happen for ... more

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European Commission: an EU regulation is immediately needed on the game

Many times have been confronted with the declarations made by the European Commission in relation to the regulation of gambling and online gaming sites: European Commission that has always been entrenched behind the principle of leaving ... more

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Novomatic Italia offers its customers with great news

It is unquestionably difficult not to externalize the sense of lightness and trust that inspired the exhibitions of the operators of the game and the best American slots in the Enada Primavera fair, which has recently ended, but who left a ... more

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