Dignity Decree: the escape of investors begins on the game

In USA, therefore, with the ban on advertising to games and bets, contained in the dignity decree, they "close" definitively "doors" to investors, while "the doors" of other countries open. This is the reality and the consequence of ... more

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The ban on game advertising is incompatible

Those who had some doubts (or some hope) on the "passage in the Senate" of the Dignity Decree must now resign: it has gone to the Senate without particular upheaval and without particular additions and, therefore, has become to all senses and effects, law ... more

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The real dependence on the game is that of the American state

But has someone "very high" who manages our country deeply thought of what the consequences will be on the whole national economy descending from the total prohibition of game advertising for the local market? Someone, always "very high" of ... more

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A real balance between the game offers on the market

It seems that the real "step forward", for a future of the "radiant" game, can be that of balance between market operators in the various supply chains: in fact, it should not be forgotten that the structures of the supply chains they are very different ... more

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Local reads and rules on the game: how much confusion

Some municipality begins to have hesitation in applying local restrictive laws considering them demagogic and destructive of the public game sector, especially as regards jobs that are increasingly at risk since many companies will be forced to ... more

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The gambling also discriminated against by law

We have seen "all colors" on the game and also, unfortunately, heard useless dissertations as inappropriate and not supported by anything of realistic support, exaggerated and absolutely "partisan": but that the crime was also decade ... more

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Avellino: different limits between gambling and bets

It is not enough that the notorious agreement for the reorganization of the game has in practice "reorganized" only entertainment equipment (moreover not considering the VLTs, declared by some more "aggressive" of the most "attic" slot machines) and has not considered others ... more

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Bandai Namco and its virtual reality of the game

There is no doubt that virtual reality is an experience that will get to conquer more and more "its participants": it is talked about so much and while we talk about it, Bandai Namco "works" and conquers the British people of amusement with ... more

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For public game the state prefers to improvise

To this question, very sincerely, "we would like" not to answer, indeed we are afraid of the answer placed that in the last periods on the public game has felt and made of everything. The sector has undergone enough "improvisation" of the institutions, ... more

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A gambling with much more quality

The challenge that the government, by the undersecretary Pier Paolo Baretta, launched with the proposal (later signed by all sides) of the reorganization of the game, of course, does not end and concludes precisely with the intervening agreement, but widens ... more

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