The game is suffering from financial harassment from the government

This time "the game does not play" and is serious: it will abstain from the collection to manifest against the "financial harassment" of the government of change that when "does not know what else to do, the preu on entertainment appliances increases to have ... more

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Game companies towards the abyss: enough taxes

Perhaps the institutions, central and decentralized, think that the world of games is actually a "bottomless well" and that everything that is imposed on the play activities that act in the name and on behalf of the ... more

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A young government for a game more and more in crisis

If we want to make a sort of comparison with the other executives preceding the current yellow-green one, one thing that skips in an indisputable way to the eye is that this government is undoubtedly very young: therefore, the virtue of its youth can bring it ... more

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The Regions await the national reorganization of the game

It is all too evident (for its "political address") that the representatives of the Five Star Movement, in Emilia Romagna but also elsewhere, do not agree on the decision of the regional council which still extends another six months to move the ... more

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Many new professions thanks to the world of game

Those who firmly believe that the game sector, including the best American casinos, is a sector like all the other "services", has the belief that with the same can be searched for and finding work solutions that perhaps shortly ... more

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Increase in game taxes: all operators collection

There is a clear feeling that the terms "wicked" and "unfair" when it comes to the world of public gambling, including the best and legal sites of online casino, are the most inflated, but also those that most attach ... more

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The new games are saving American terrestrial casinos

As always, and as happens every year, February is the month of the budgets related to the year just passed and never like this year the tricolor gaming houses must look back to do then, as a consequence of what they "see in ... more

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Citizenship income: it cannot be used to play d'Azzardo

You can't help but talk about gambling and all online casinos! He always comes out as the notorious "parsley" and in particular when his "politics" speaks. We find it in the election campaign when the ... more

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Innovative ideas for the management of the Sanremo casino

Apparently it seems that we should not speak of anything else in the various electoral campaigns that chase each other on our country, than the phenomenon of gambling, distancing, the ignition bands of the entertainment devices and the rooms that host them: ... more

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An ambiguous government towards gambling

It is useless to point out that the governments pass, the years pass, but the important problems remain, unfortunately, unresolved because nobody wants to "pull on their sleeves" and face them truly and objectively: everyone pulls the water to their mill and social phenomena, particularly that ... more

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