Videoltery: play grows in spite of slot machines

Until the exhaustion, for many months, it was repeated that it was not right to eliminate "the notorious bars slot machines", those with which "with the rest of the coffee" is played, so to speak, since the game would not be ... more

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An legitimate and safe game: bulwarks of legality

While it might seem that the security of the players, until recently, had to be identified with the demolition of illegal game, now a different thought is shed on: that is, that the safety and protection of the players, even those of the ... more

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Politics should face the problematic game seriously

Even today, but this has really lasted for a long time, perhaps too much, we find ourselves "reflecting" on the game yes, I play no: if this represents the smiling face of healthy entertainment, or "something" that destroys people, families and , automatically, ... more

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First steps to improve American gaming houses

Today, it seems certainly strange to find itself discussing and disquisiting the "logistics organization" of an American terrestrial game house: structures that until recently "made a call" since when we talked about casino, immediately, we were projected in salt ... more

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The results of the first international conference on online game

This is the period, and one wonders why these concomitance (will it be "the smell" of the elections?), In which the results of many studies, research and surveys that concern the game of both terrestrial and online : as mentioned… more

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The Piedmont Region and its difficult relationship with the game

As those who follow the "events of public gambling and American legal casino" knows, the Piedmont Region was the center of attention when he set up a law on the "Capestro" game in his territory that has forced many ... more

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Online game: fun and above all safe experience

The detractors of the gambling in general, therefore the respectists, will read these lines by "enriching" the nose: both because we talk about online game and then because with this segment we look at and we talk about particular "protection of minors". Who… more

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Game questionnaire in the schools of Livorno

The world of young people, perhaps too often targeted but which needs particular attention, is involved by the city of Livorno with a questionnaire distributed in schools that wants to "make the personal life of the children in the family, in their ... more

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Piedmont: most of the game exercises destined to close

The result of the maneuver on the world of the game of the President of Piedmont Chiamparino even if, today, it has not yet had to compare with layoffs "burst" from the companies that of play and also of legal online casino live, will do well ... more

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The vice premier listens to the requests of the game

Who knows, even little, the vicissitudes of the world of gambling knows the Sapar association that has been doing "fire and flames" for a long time to protect their clients, including the best online casino platforms: but, particularly , is… more

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