The American champion casino has no peace

It was thought that the situation of the American champion casino, including his online casino site, with the advent of the extraordinary commissioner could go towards the possibility of a reopening and the return to normal: but since "the devil ago ... more

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Esports and the phenomenon of millennials

Even those who write approach this particular segment of the (video) game, therefore we do not speak of legal online casino platforms, with extreme attention, "respect and awe" for the high technical level of this sector and for that halo Mystery that ... more

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A glimmer for the reopening of the champion casino

Who knows if they were the countless events that have organized and put on the field, who knows if the "recall" of the attention of the rest of USA to the problem of both the champion of American champion and his citizenship, who knows whether to see "the" world… more

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Economic risks for Ticket Redemption activities

In short, it can be safely said that when the gambling with winnings in money "leaves public opinion in peace" with all its problems, and the media "forget" for a day at least to report negative things about the world of ... more

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They begin to see the paradoxes of the Dignity decree

When the dignity decree was issued, so quickly that it really amazed everyone, it was thought that it could follow a "subsequent rethinking" (particularly) of the five-star deployment and its penta-stalled leader, especially given the reactions that the provision ... more

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Liguria: Giro di Vite to the times of slot machines

Very honestly in the past few days, when the news appeared that in the municipality of Cairo Montenotte (Savona) an order came out in which the opening of the game rooms was forbidden, and therefore not of the casino point IT, from 7 to ... more

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Bolzano: on the gambling contradictory ideas

Who knows if ever, when we talk or talk about public gambling, you can have non -contradictory definitions and, therefore, univoche: in practice, who knows if the same rule can be applied or interpreted from north to south of the ... more

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Poker: there is great desire to relaunch this game

Honestly, a titanic company appears to be the one who has "almost imposed" Lottomatica in wanting to recreate around poker that beautiful climate of adrenaline, interest, cunning, skills that seem to have abandoned this segment of the game which, every year that passes, is ... more

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Five Star Movement: new bill on the game

Who knows if some "small movement" in the policy of the Five Star Movement towards the contrast to the problematic game, it means "something" for the playful sector: always hoping that this does not translate, instead, in a sort of decree dignity that ... more

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Esports: a provincial city could be the capital in USA

Before going into the lines that deal with Esports, and therefore not of American casino online sites, one would like to make it clear two fundamental things that concern the world of game in general: the first, which should never be ... more

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