Friuli Venezia Giulia: requests for changes to the game law

The number of regions that, perhaps, are stoves to wait for the Nativity of the national reorganization of the public game, including the best sites of Casino, before making, on their own, some decision relevant to the various regional laws that organize the sector ... more

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USA must not be prey to the illegal game

It is not understood as the public game, including the casino sites, and the associations that represent it in the various sectors, still manage to have patience and still try to make our executive understand the importance of the resources of the recreational sector: ... more

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ENADA: in Rome to represent gambling

Every year Enada is renewed, an event that collects the whole game, including the best American casinos online, even the one without winning in money, and time when the associations representing companies in the sector send "messages" to the institutions so that ... more

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Exports: nascent economy for the future of the game

Almost certainly only in our country we are currently still remaining to invest in the game and on the best casino sites: perhaps for the bad latest experiences that the related activities are experiencing and for the various operating restrictions and ... more

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No gambling: entertainment in the open air

In particular in the summer, but also in other seasons, large and small people have fun, especially in the open air: they are perpetually looking for something that can entertain them, possibly with the whole family gathered, and that can ... more

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The game suffers the current political situation

Today, like never before, you have to "do it quickly and do well", as even urged by the President of the Republic who made it clear, without many laps of words, which cannot be lost too many days to find a solid understanding. He pushed ... more

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The 5 Star Movement wanted to destroy gambling

In the last year and a half of yellow-green government, the clear perceived feeling is that it was its understanding that of "destroying" the public game and casino sites: in fact, a part of the deployment of government continued to shout how much ... more

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The negative relationship between politics and gambling

Arrived, very probably, at the end of this yellow-green executive, given his experience of about a year and a half and without entering an effective policy speech, you cannot exempt yourself from "pulling the sums" of his work ... more

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Game laws led damage to the territory

There is nothing to contest or to object: the decisions undertaken by the State, the Regions, the local authorities against the public game and those of the American online casinos, and therefore lawful, have inevitably brought damage to the territory and ... more

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It takes coordination for a sustainable gambling

Governments and legislatures change: sometimes they also change color ... but the "territorial question" of the world of public game and the best mess, always remains there, waiting for a solution or at least waiting for some will ... more

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