The new increase in the preu brings the game sector to its knees

Those who deal with the development of our country, perhaps, "do not see" what this further and reckless increase in the preu will procure that has been binding by the 2020 maneuver: undoubtedly, "does not want to see" that this in practice represents the closure of ... more

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The battle against gambling is really hypocritical

Before "pulling the ranks" on the increases included in the 2020 maneuver sent to Brussels, we want to remember, only for those who still read us, the path of taxation that gambling, and also the best American American legal casinos, ... ... more

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The interventions on the Casino di Campione have the interventions

Who could hope that the advent of the new yellow-red executive, and also the 2020 maneuver, brought news to the world of tricolor casino, and obviously in a particular way for that of Campione d'Italia, will remain absolutely disappointed. Especially disappointed the employees of the ... more

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The world of game is not listened to by the government

Currently, we find ourselves with the yellow-red executive who proclaims itself (at least a part of this) a government of discontinuity and which does not want to accommodate comparisons with the "previous color" and with what has been done below such… more

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Piedmont: maybe the game law changes

Who knows, or whoever likes to read a little bit about the world of gambling and on the world of legal online casinos, the river of words that has been spent for the disastrous situation in which they are ... cannot be escaped ... more

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Perhaps the government plays on the skin of gambling

Honestly, the future of the world of gambling, and also that of online casinos with real money, seems to be sitting on a swing: one day the reorganization is promised, the other does not. One day no more taxation than that already happened, ... more

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First months of the Smart application for the control of VLT

Today, "guilty" also the change of government, the expectations expected from this "variant", the maneuver and the economic crisis that tends to embrace us, there is not only one segment of gambling that does not require its reorganization ... more

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Politics informed on legal gambling

Even if a new executive, without a shadow of a doubt, the public game, and even the best casino sites, did not forget the previous one that has "informed" as never before with taxation in the sector ... more

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For the budget maneuver it knocks on gambling

The uncertainty, as usual, in the public game, and in the online casino sector, reigns supreme: in fact, today we are waiting for the attribution of the delegation and is not known if it will be entrusted to a representative of the Democratic Party, of the 5Stelle OD ... more

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The ban on advertising to the games is to be reviewed

Regardless of the thousand discussions, both practical and in law, which has aroused and which is arousing the American prohibition of advertising to games and bets, the one that emerged even before the Betting on Sports event that closed ... more

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