Bologna: Active city to control of the game in the area

More than once the opinion has expressed that the national reorganization of the entire game sector and the best slot casinos is unquestionably useful: that then it happens by means of the delegated law on the game, which unfortunately is having a ... more

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Gambling abroad has lived better

The writer is almost always led to report and reflect on what happens in our country to the American game and American online casinos: certainly arguments on which to disagree and spend some considerations are not lacking and for this reason you do not ... more

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How to understand the technological evolution of gambling

There is no doubt of doubt, that the new technological evolution of the game and the best online casinos offer its visitors new experiences, sometimes even extraordinarily destabilizing as far as they can be "strong" and how they show a world ... more

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Many words on the reorganization of the game without getting to anything

We need to really do a serious intervention on amusement and instead it is not necessary that you only continue to speak, perhaps exclusively by complicating things, putting the now known "bigger patch of the hole" and in any case by not putting the game ... more

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The subtle difference between e-Sports and pure entertainment

There is no doubt that in this period the world of entertainment, not that of new online casinos, is arousing attention, reflections and possibly stresses to get to make politics take from politics to put a sort of still point relatively ... more

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It takes a uniform gambling on the territory

It could be assumed that the entire industry of the game and the American legal slot casinos is certainly envious of the result recently achieved by the bathing concessions even if the discussion of the same has produced rather supported diatribes also within the majority. Therefore,… more

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Institutional interventions to put the game back on sixth

It is certainly not possible to prevent that in the face of various institutional interventions to implement the world of game and the best slot casinos in some categories did not think that "his" moment could have finally arrived: ... ... more

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ADM on the war footing to contract the illegal game

It is a rather difficult period for the officials of the Customs and Monopolies Agency that are tirelessly monitoring the whole territory from north to south of the boot first of all to counter the "trimming" of the illegal game, but also to check ... more

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LAN salt: we go to recognition in Tulps

After the media and institutional storm that access to the LAN rooms, not to the best American legal online casino sites, and the subsequent kidnappings carried out by the Customs and Monopolies Agency have unleashed, a sort of ... seems to appear more

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Game without cash winning: you must be credible

Clean, certifications, homologous: pure entertainment is running to the right and left to put its equipment in a position to be presented to the public with a new guise, undoubtedly expensive, but respectful of the rules that hand to ... more

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