Three powers come together for a better knowledge of the game

We want to check if at least the old proverbs can serve the best legal American American and the casino: on the other hand nothing, until this moment, has served to make the world of games well known, his ... more

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Profiles of thousands of online players in danger

Online is increasingly proving to be a "somewhat difficult soil": it undoubtedly offers something boundless in terms of knowledge, but increasingly frequent dangers and many scams, difficult to contrast and which cause incalculable damage. Perhaps,… more

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United Kingdom: the four political addresses towards the game

More and several times from these lines it has been stressed that the phenomenon of gambling, and also that of the legal sites of casino, does not concern exclusively our country in which it has spread with splashes of oil, but it is ... more

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The continuous taxation to the world of gambling

The only certain thing, considering the various taxes that were first thought, then created and put in place by our policy, but then on which a bombastic gear came back, is the increase in the preu to the world of games ... more

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Esports: the sector is ready for the big jump

To date, it must be said that on Esports, and therefore not in the world of the best legal casino platforms, gravitates a little "fog": in fact, they still do not know each other well and those who write about it sometimes do it behind one ... more

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Government: awareness of American gambling

Unfortunately, not only as regards the world of gambling and that of the best mess, but in general you feel that you do not have much confidence in the current government that affirms one thing and immediately afterwards declares the exact opposite: therefore, ... more

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Bring the Asian community closer with the game

The detractors of gambling and casino sites, unfortunately for them, will have to realize that the phenomenon of the game has neither limits nor boundaries and this continues to emerge from the sector events that chase each other to do ... more

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Sigma Malta: here are all the news coming

Of the sixth edition of Sigma 2019 it has already been written that it has larger boundaries, more exhibitors and more visitors and, above all, which has moved its goals higher and higher so that gambling, in all ... more

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The situation of the betting rooms in Spain: everything stops

Recently, and more and more frequently, the concept that sports bets are a segment of the game that is "climbing the ranking" in the preferences of the players who find this choice that is made, above all, really ... more

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Finally the time for Esports has come

It continues to announce that the moment of eSports is also arriving in USA and that, perhaps, the American people are not yet completely ready to accept this form of "new game", which still takes some time and ... more

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