Gambling: start again now or never again

After this very long Lockdown, many entrepreneurs will find themselves having to decide whether or not to reopen their activities by venturing into expensive paths to be able to follow the institutional protocols that allow you to reactivate companies. Forced entrepreneurs, therefore, to take ... more

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The illegality in the world of game begins to be heavy

Now for a long time it has been so long that we continue to emphasize that wanting to corner the public game, including the best American legal casino sites, could mean having nefarious effects on our territory and making that game reappear on the market ... more

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The digital experience in the world of gambling

In this period of Lockdown everyone found themselves confronting new experiences, new home life, new rediscovery, reflections and considerations that life lived "a thousand" seemed to have prevented us: today, everyone found themselves dealing ... more

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Gambling: excluding from economic resources

It is repeated, truly too often in this period, "bad half Gaudio" with reference to the situation that citizens and companies are experiencing, and this cannot please the writer: and not even "we like" to report it because so it seems to be represented ... more

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Coronavirus: the matching online and physical game is established

For a couple of years, that is, from the issue of the Dignity Decree with its content par excellence, the ban on advertising to games and bets, it has been continued to underline that this provision, studied and obtained with a supersonic speed, has ... more

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Today for the game the time has come to raise the voice

In the minds of many entrepreneurs, after this very bad experience of the Coronavirus, many ideas have passed and made decisions and many more will have to make them. Some operators, given that the economic resources made available by the government are too long for ... more

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Gambling: always the last wheel of the cart

Absolutely there is nothing to do: the public game, including the best sites of American casino, never comes, and by anyone, treated as a normal sector and its commercial activities are not considered the same as any other activity ... more

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Phase 3 would also include gambling

There are no criticisms, rethinking, doubts and fears that have surrounded the preparation and implementation of the "phase 2", also the uncertainty in the decisions of the executive and the enormous sense of responsibility that assails when not yes… more

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Game for sale: measures deriving from the pandemic

It seems that nobody has the courage to tell the current executive that economic resources, or movements, or the installments "bestowed" to the companies that benefit from it are nothing else, in reality, that simple and normal rights acquired since they deriving in ... more

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Gambling: let's design it in a total and new way

Unfortunately, but as often happens in emergency situations, there are companies that suffer economically, others that suffer even more and still others, however, that profit and also a lot from current situations of extreme precariousness. It is evident that ... more

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