The unified conference and the following decree never arrived

More than once, it was underlined how important it would be for the public game and for the best legal mess on the Internet, which the agreement signed by all the protagonists of the unified conference in September 2017 was followed by the relative ... more

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Who knows if the poker will return to the glories of the past

Never as after the Lockdown continues to talk about the choices made by the players, and by those who want to play the online casino, unfortunately "deprived of their individual freedom" and that of reaching physical game on our territory ... more

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Bets and games at the Settembrino summit in Barcelona

Perhaps no sector more than that of Games and Honest Casino is looking for digital strategies so as not to leave his industry alone, in all his sectors and, above all, not to leave this wonderful world in the dark about the new intuitions ... more

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The fears of gambling for the near future

Without a doubt, the economic restart of the Italia system is not delivering the results desired by our executive that cultivated in the soul with its various interventions (sometimes useless or unsatisfactory) that the markets moved and that the purchases could ... more

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Less entered the public game: it is the fault of the Coronavirus

It would only be missing that now it was attributed to the public game and the best American messages, the failure to be strong entry of the usual revenues from the sector, forced to close for much more than three months with somewhat improved and hypocritical decisions ... more

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France: Police to the Police of Games for Casino Control

It is absolutely undoubted that post Lockdown and today that pandemic seems to be "under control", at least to appearances, everyone is truly applying to change their activities by uniforming them to the new life that the emergency is forcing us to live. How… more

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New ideas for the game: the Totocalcio version 2.0 is redone

Those who professed themselves against traditions or by party taken or because today they feel modern by forgetting the things of the past must perhaps be better to relate to themselves. Certainly, the tradition of a game, also present in American legal sites ... more

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Social responsibility and regulation of gambling

The protection of citizenship, for each state, must rise to absolute priority: in everything that moves around the citizen of every territorial reality. And this must also concern the relationship between the central state and the world of public game, ... more

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Fighting illegality can be thanks to the new gambling

Certainly the last report of the Dia on the constant presence of illegality, especially in the world of American game and casinos, has "pushed a little on the accelerator" of the decisions that the yellow-red executive intends to undertake to face openly, And once again, the program ... more

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Safety and health also from the world of gambling

Weeks have passed by the phantom and poorly interpreted "free all" of the government and they are dealing with the failure to comply with health security which in some territories is opening dangerous outbreaks to reappear the contagion. The majority… more

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