ADM clarifies the homologation of game devices

It could almost seem, and we want to underline almost, that the Customs and Monopolies Agency always in relation to the problems that arose in the last few weeks relating to the approval of the entertainment devices, and therefore not of American online casinos, does not want to deliver ... more

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The great controversies on traditional old games

In the last few days there is a lot of talk about the "traditional old games" from the beach and, to identify them even better, it is explained that we speak of the foosball, or calcium-balilla, the ping pong, the arrows and the Giostrine for the little ones. But… more

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Sports betting and TV: a combination that must be made

Without a shadow of doubt, it will be necessary to advance with the so -called "lead feet" in order not to incur the dictates of the Dignity decree which is still creating significant obstacles, in particular to the world of sport and, therefore, to that of bets ... more

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The good work of the parliamentary commission on illegal game

Many things boil in the pot, in a particular way of the one that put the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the illegal game on the fire: ingredients are sought delivered by "experts" in the playful world in order to improve it and prevent any form of illegality ... more

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San Marino: first state that proposes an exports law

The exporting topic, without a shadow of a doubt, is keeping the bench, or rather perhaps more: it is almost monopolizing the attention of the politics of our country, as happened a few weeks ago, the European Parliament that would like to regulate the sector and what turns to him ... more

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Gambling Commission: his position on illegal gambling

Whoever writes, but above all those who still read us, know it perfectly are certainly not a foreign family: however, as regards the management of the relationships between institutions and the world of gambling, including the best roulette casino, yes ... more

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United Kingdom: always attentive to the change of the game

The whole world has undergone a change as a consequence of the pandemic period that changed all the markets in all sectors: nobody managed to remain unscathed from the Tzunami Coronavirus and from the "meat" that this caused. Yes is… more

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American regions: together against illegal gambling

And to think that the regions between them are often not in agreement, indeed many times they even battle for the most varied reasons! And, therefore, although perhaps it may seem very strange, but after all the world of the game ... more

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Numerous problems affect the world of gambling

Listing (only) all the problems that "loom" on the world of games and the best American slot casinos seems to have become a kind of "political sport", while trying to deal with them, understanding them, finding acconcices is not even taken into consideration. AND… more

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American Government: the reorganization of the game can be implied

The American territory from North to South still today as regards the world of games and new mess is regulated, even if telling it seems definitely an understatement, from the regional laws on the game where existing and at the mercy of ... more

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