Gambling: 2021 brings you some news

Even if the executive today on duty does not have the courage, or the desire, to admit that he cannot do without the income of the game and the best Americans, and beyond everything he would not understand why, ... more

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Tar of Lazio: when the gambling sector reopens

Apparently, the world of games has undergone the closure of its activities in silence, and with awareness even if seasoned by a good ration of healthy anger towards the decisions of the Prime Minister, awaits the arrival of the second half of ... more

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Many operators of the Game of Gambling Ribelli to the DPCM

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about some operators in the game, also owners of virtual mess, of Rome who, united, presented to the Presidency of the Council and, for information to the Council of State, about twenty requests in self -protection ... more

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Gambling: you just have to think about the future

It is now established that every day that passes and every institutional intervention that is exposed, unfortunately it gives the increasingly clear perception that physical gambling, therefore not all American legal online casinos, has no possibility of reappearing ... more

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The game without winning in money struggle to survive

More and more times it has been stressed that in this health emergency that holds both normal citizens and businesses hostage, all sectors are trying to lay new foundations on which to build their economic recovery ... more

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A bad tile on the betting segment

In recent months, in our writing, we "attacked" there when a percentage on sports betting to "donate" to the savings fund was imposed, which appeared strange considering the dark period that the world of game has passed this year, ... more

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American gambling: there is to learn from the United Kingdom

Today in our country, and beyond, a particular historical moment is being experienced in which the various governments are obliged to study strategies to renovate the respective economies that pandemic has destroyed or, in any case, certainly put a hard ... more

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Never divert attention from legal gambling

Today, without a doubt, politics turns out to be in other affaled affairs and, of course, has no time to think about the world of game, including the best sites of the legal casino casino online, and as far as its state they lack its ... more

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The female presence in gambling is there

Every now and then you can read reports relating to the percentages of the participants in the different segments of gambling, such as the best online casinos, just to have a picture on the preferences of players and players: in such reports they come ... more

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Prohibition of advertising to the game but not to the receipt lottery

Much has said, written and even more, it was discussed on the negativity of advertising to the game and the best sites of legal casino that for about a couple of years has also kept the bench also internationally as not ... more

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