Gambling halls: here's what the future will be like

In the latter period more than once we have appeared on the world of slot machines and new online slot casinos, a cross of many but also a delight of those who play us with peace of mind without being involved in any ... more

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Global Starnet's playful life will end on December 31, 2022

The world of best online games and casinos, and particularly the segment of betting and entertainment equipment, is experiencing "whirlwind" moments with news and counter-news to the approval of the DDL for the application of the PNRR that contained the regulations ... more

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United Kingdom: steps back on advertising to gambling

"We like" really a lot to hope that even the dignity decree with its prohibition of advertising to games and bets can be questioned: this also in consideration that it is a lot that the professionals ... more

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Important news for the game in the recently approved DDL

Finally, after a long time and waiting to do it even "more immoderate" when the delegated law on the game arrives, the world of game and the game sites that exult today for the bill for the implementation of the PNRR involved, ... more

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In the province of Trento and in Lazio, new game laws

It is certainly not possible to deny that the operators of the game and the best online gaming sites who have (at least for the moment) a playful activity of the province of Trento or in the Lazio region are sitting on "burning coal" and that ... more

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ADM strongly defends from attacks from politics

In recent times, both the game with the best online slot casinos in the lead, and the institutions, which in particular the Customs and Monopolies Agency seem to be under the magnifying glass to try to see "La Pagliuzza ... more

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Aigeg was born to best protect the game in the LAN halls

There is no doubt that the fuss born in recent weeks due to some interventions in the province of Bergamo by the officials of the Customs and Monopolies Agency who had taken steps to access some LAN rooms, and then ... more

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Even the Court of Auditors hopes the reorganization of the game

More authoritative opinion than that expressed by the Court of Auditors in its general statement of the state 2021 it is thought to be not: in addition to tracing the budget on the revenue of the game and the mess with slot in 2021 he recalls ... more

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Lazio: a law on the most human gambling is needed

Many times, and in the most disparate occasions, we expressed themselves on the notorious "capestro" regional laws that imposed the distances of various sizes and the hourly ignition bands of the entertainment equipment present in the vicinity of the very long lists of ... more

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Many critical issues also in games without winning in cash

Inexperienced cooks can turn and turn the omelette "because it does not stick", but it is also necessary to be very careful that it does not burn! A tasty similarity to refer to the world of legal games and casinos, indeed to both ... more

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