Bingo salt: the accesses collapse with the green pass

There is certainly no fear of being denied when it is stated that "users" of the Bingo rooms is almost all over the years: and consequently almost totally not accustomed to the use of smartphones or technological means in general ... more

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Gambling operators believe in rebirth

The reopenings, the restart, the strenuous desire to remain attached to the trust and hope of a rebirth for the whole playful sector and, above all, a scenario that could also soon include the birth of the national reorganization of the entire sector ... more

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The playful world wants a more sustainable gambling

Never as during the pandemic experience more words were wasted in relation to the fact that the world of games and slot casinos, always targeted, discussed and relatively uncomfortable, had repeated more than once how ... more

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New luster to the government with the gambling reform

Even if the summer period still leaves some "lightness" spaces the preparations to field the first moves relating to the PNRR certainly struggle: politics is quite galvanized by all the programs that he has to face to confirm that ... more

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Green Pass and Game Rooms: maximum alert of law enforcement agencies

The "Green pass saga" is almost finished and defined the control roles precisely of the green certifications, already so much under accusation, the Ministry of the Interior after the circular that clarified "Who must do what" gave a sort of ... more

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The dark corners of the world of game: better to know them

Even recently, unfortunately, when it comes to gambling and American casinos, it is always thought with an almost obsessive discriminant towards those who are involved by the drifts that this type of entertainment, if not well managed, succeeds ... more

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WSOP 2021 Las Vegas: Anti-Covid rules make you discuss

Those who still have the goodness of reading our writing, know that there is often no talk of poker, not even of the very important event such as that of WSOPs who have the power to move a lot of attention. In this case, and contrary ... more

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Vince London on Amsterdam to host the next ICE

As those who love the world of game and legal casinos, and its events, is perfectly, Ice is a meeting between the "protagonists" of the world of global game and every year when it materializes, and in any ... more

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Garding rooms managers who have become Green Pass controllers

Of any sector it is clear, it is clear that when you decide to manage a commercial exercise, the desire is to put your business and the users of enjoying the services, the product, welcome in a way ... more

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UK: excellent moves for the game sector

In the United Kingdom, it is examining with extreme attention, that this question requires, the behavior of young and very young people towards the game and the online slot machines casino: both the Gambling Commission and the Betting and Gaming Council are ... more

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