The empowerment of terrestrial game operators

The European Federation of Game and Fun, Euromat, places the responsibility of the operators of the Earth's game at the center of the next objectives with a regulation agreed together with all the operators who live, close to their needs. The… more

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The pros and cons of the world of gambling

The development of the online game, especially as regards the slot machines, without a doubt, is to be attributed for the most part to "its traceability": to the possibility of finding the preferred pastime from any place and at any time yes ... more

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We try to get to know the online casino software better

Online casino software are the most important part of the equipment since, in addition to being the fulcrum around which "it must" work everything else, they are also "that thing" that makes them differentiate with each other and which determines the quality ... more

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Game agreement: we must continue shipped

Politics, perhaps, woke up after the agreement concluded in the unified conference between the State, Regions and local authorities for the reorganization and now that this "game" is done would like to continue with some changes to a bill on the game ... more

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Because gamblers love struggles

Superenalotto, lot and scratch cards: there are three so -called "flagship products" of the lottery segment and if you go to compare them very apparently they seem similar to each other for the type of usability. In reality it is possible to find a fate of ... more

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The profiling of players: both physical and online

It may seem that the whole world of gambling is ephemeral, superficial, very profitable and few know that, instead, participating is extremely difficult and demanding from many points of view. Certainly everyone has the role of him, who challenging and who ... more

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What players are looking for in gambling halls

Studies and research on the game and players seem to have no end: especially in this period where the future reorganization of the game will bring innovations not only in the sector, but also for those who seek the game to have fun ... more

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Growth of 10eLotto and sports betting

Even if you only have to estrange your brain from "serious and important things", it seems to be the time equally of budgets, especially for the world of gambling that is experiencing an unpublished period for everything that has come ... more

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Reduction of slot machines: the decree at the start

The MEF decree leaves no room for any "alternative and subsequent imagination": it reflects the future of entertainment equipment which, as of 31 December 2017, cannot exceed 345 thousand units and those of the 265 thousand units on the date ... more

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Limits to the game: everywhere ready new ordinances

It is becoming a mantra with which we express ourselves: no national law, on the regional laws and municipal regulations ". But there is no hope: this is the case. While the unified conference, alas, is silent and does not make us know his ... more

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