Problematic game: in the maneuver no precautions

The government of change over and over again has blocked its dissent towards the whole world of gambling (except for "his" state struggles, unscathed from any ban on advertising): Urbi etc was communicated it ... more

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Puglia Region: an extension to the game law

Today, probably, it could be said that the extension decided by the Regional Council of the Puglia Region relating to the public game is an absolutely positive measure because it is taken not to "lengthen the broth" as it was feared in the first analysis, but for a ... more

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Suspicious behaviors to recognize a pathological player

Last year, when we talked about the agreement for the reform of the world of game in the unified conference, there was a lot of talk about the operators who represent him and who offer him, trying to get to a "professionalization" of these people in a way ... more

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The legitimate game and its anti-concurrence distortions

At this point, it is not enough that the world of public game, including the best American casino sites, finds himself fighting with everything that rains on him from all possible parts: now, a lot is being revealed ... more

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Game: Prohibitionism leads to nothing but illegality

Certainly, the topic of the prohibition on advertising games, of the game laws, the distances of the so-called sensitive places and the various extensions that some regions want to put in place waiting for a future and "penta-stalled" reform of the game, hold ... more

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Di Maio's will goes against legal gambling

It is not that it takes "The genius of the lamp" to make us understand what is the only desire and will of the penta-stalled vice premier Luigi Di Maio towards the gambling and American online casinos: destroy them as immoral and ... more

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Piedmont: comparison between game operators and institutions

It passed through water under the bridges from the issue of the Piedmont regional law which, in practice, almost banned entertainment equipment on that territory, putting the entire game industry placed in the wonderful one in "fibrillation" ... more

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Game: the second intervention of the government of change

The new yellow-green government has in mind to make almost "radical" changes in the structure of our country sometimes upsetting the attention of its citizens with "strong declarations" that go to clash even with Europe, which is absolutely not deal… more

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Games: 50% of the revenues come from the tobacconists

Just to make the point of the situation deriving from the application of regional laws on the game once again and also to raise public awareness, particularly the one that does not like gambling, but who respects it is hoped at least his ... more

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Staying negatively towards the game is wrong

Even today, despite being a very long time that is written on the world of games and on that of the casino sites, one does not yet realize why you have to interpret and transpose what surrounds him as ... more

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