Investigation Commission: online gambling has increased

There is no doubt that the commission of investigation, which deals with the illegal game and the "imperfections" of the public game and the best casino slot sites, is materially managing to give a very full -bodied hand for the drafting of the ... more

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Play safely with all legal activities

By now we can no longer have any suspicions: definitely in the world of games and in the best slots "The working in progress" casinos otherwise this continuous talk of the sector, its economic history after the pandemic emergency, the discomfort ... would not be explained ... more

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New challenge for gambling: the competitive game

As if the game, and online game sites with slot, did not already have many problems, critical issues, competition and rebirth of illegality, an alternative market is developing in the territory specifically aimed at the competitive game that is offered ... more

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Gambling: new regulations in step with the times

Today, almost all sectors still have to deal with the wave coming from the pandemic emergency that is floating on the various markets, which is still making itself felt and that has left more than uncomfortable aftermaths in the various sectors both at ... more

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Gambling problems: face them in a short time

In addition to being the current "war times" that leave very little space for the central government to deal with other problems even if those of the American legal game and casinos would have already had to be addressed with the delegated law ... more

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The phenomenon of eSports burst with LAN rooms

Even those who have been dealing with gambling for a long time and the best game sites with Slot Machines can only be surprised, at least in part and for the resonance that a certain attitude of the Customs and ... more

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The unfair and subtle competition of illegal gambling

Last week in our article we had taken care of reporting that some important legal game activities had reported to the Customs and Monopolies Agency that "there was something that was wrong on the market" on the market ". It had been noticed ... more

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Gambling: open doors open to new professions

On many occasions when in our writing we have lined up against the detractors of the world of games and the best online gaming sites, which still continue to demonize its different segments, pointing out that instead the sector ... more

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State still stalls on the reform of legal gambling

It is only missing that the world of games and the best slot casinos "gets to beat the feet" as protests and then the picture that represents this sector would have tried them all to solicit the attention "of whom of ... more

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Legal gambling: become a good government partner

We want to start in these lines with a concept that we "do not like" at all: first, however, it is necessary to make a necessary premise. It seems indisputable that the public game and the new online casinos, "State of State" and representative of the legality on the ... more

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