Holland also enters the world of protected online game

"Playing safely in a fair market" should be a phrase that "moves" any provision an institution wants to field: take, therefore, for example (because there is never an end to learn) from the regulation that has studied (finally) Holland for how much ... more

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The war against the world of gambling has tightened

In recent years, and honestly we continue to ask why this happens and in favor of who or what, the war against the world of public game, and also against all online casinos, you are ... more

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American terrestrial casinos must immediately find new solutions

The tricolor gaming houses are passing "a bad quarter of an hour" with a scenario certainly not radiant that awaits them if they will not be able to change deeply both as management, as marketing, as resources and as a "presentation" to the public, today completely ... more

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Few European states protect online players

We continue to talk about the problems of the game, certainly not of its social positivity: we continue to look for new technologies to make it more captivating and engaging, especially for online customers who want to play with online casinos, ... more

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Slot Machine: attention to managers for the adaptation of the Payout

We would not mean, for ethics and respect, "having made the law ... found deception" even if it is a phrase that is frequently used to make it clear not precisely the "scam" that can be encountered in the face of each rule, but for ... more

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Delays in the appointment to the Commissioner of the Casino di Campione

The situation of the Casino di Campione d'Italia, including his mess on the Internet, had aroused, in recent months, profound interest both for the circumstance of the failure of the tricolor gambling house, and as regards the fate of the ... more

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The DIA and its map on the illegal game

Despite the countless efforts put in place by our law enforcement agencies, none excluded, the illegal game in USA is present to the point that the anti -mafia Investigation Directorate has provided for it in its half -yearly relationship relating to the first part ... more

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In the public game sector it is not all to be thrown away

Even if you do not want to "give in to despair" in relation to our nation, the news and the consideration that comes from the "rest of the world" towards our country are certainly not comforting and everything that good seemed to have had ... more

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In USA the game and the government do not go hand in hand

What may seem like a sort of report of the experience of Ice 2019 in London appears as a "half -full glass" if you can be objective and extrapolated from the same event only the positive effects of the public gambling of ... more

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Prospects of the American Igaming Market

It is now more than clear: all the actors of the world of public gambling, of any segment it is, are trying to really do the impossible to make the game "the efficient response" to the requests of increasingly sophisticated users, ... more

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