A self -certification for online gaming platforms

The world of public game, in all its sectors, the online one and specifically poker, casinos, bets on sporting and non -sporting events and the bingo, want to put in place a sort of "do it yourself" for ... more

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The game reform has not yet been taken into consideration

Also of these words "reserve of state" and "public game reform" has really been "abused" in recent times, starting from the infamous unified conference from which an agreement between the state, regions and local authorities should have arisen ... ... more

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The director of Gambling releases the gambling numbers

As more authoritative opinion and what greater security on the "revelation" of the data if not those expressed in the hearing to the Finance Commission of the Chamber by the director of the Customs and Monopolies Agency in relation to the public play and the Casino ... more

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Betting Football 2019: Franco Baresi will be present

We are sure that what will be written in these lines will fill any American sportsman of pride and everyone will be united in recognizing in Franco Baresi, central defender of Milan and the American national team, a player who "binds" any supporter ... more

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The state is the worst enemy of the game

The voices that represent the public game, and all the online casinos, in the area are increasingly insistent and, above all, univoche though that that is, that with all the last increases that have been put in place in and after the ... more

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Di Maio refuses the comparison with the world of game

Honestly, the public game including also including online casino sites, he did everything to be able to "snatch" the penta-stall prime minister Di Maio a meeting in which to be able to exhibit the current situation of the playful sector, what ... more

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Citizenship income and quota 100 must resort to the game

The fact on which you would like to set these lines is that there is no doubt that the decree relating to citizenship income and quota 100 must resort to the game sector and new online casinos, and to ... more

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Who protects the investments of the game industry?

After hearing about the game and of online casino platforms in "all sauces" possible and imaginable with ordinances, prohibitions, taxation increases and whoever has more put them, perhaps, the time has come to ask themselves if ... more

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Videogames: controversial tools so loved

Healthy entertainment, pure entertainment and therefore not online casino sites with slot machine: I always play. There is a lot of talk about it and this means that the request from the Americans is there and runs on the edge of the fun that everyone ... more

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United Kingdom: the legal game that is good for players

Undoubtedly, it is not only the Italic country that "gives the game with the game and the AAMS online casinos" and that keeps it under control also because it is on our territory and in others it is a phenomenon to be expected and that ... more

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