Val d’Aosta: war between casino slot machines and private individuals

We would not like to use the phrase "war between poor" because it is certainly not "poor", but a sort of war between the same commercial segments this yes and sectors who, in any case, are not passing one of theirs ... more

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Finally a politician who talks about gaming and casino houses

In a somewhat particular political moment, of the "change" to be clear, in any case it would be necessary to appreciate even if not really sharing, a politician who puts his face in "uncomfortable" sectors such as the game and the Casino IT platforms that ... more

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Very accurate checks to safeguard the legal game

Our current yellow-green policy, undoubtedly, is not particularly "favorable" (to use it mildly) to public play and legal online casinos, and it is shown that as soon as possible it is possible to lash out with very fast and not large measures ... more

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The game was beautiful in the eyes of the American government

As many will know, the world of game, including the best American legal casino online, is trying to self-manage to find a way to present itself to public opinion in the "best and most proactive guise possible: which instead the current Yellow-green executive ... more

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For the world of game justice is even slower

Perhaps, only as regards the public game and the best casino sites, you can attend such a "legal treatment" implemented towards a society of the recreational sector that opposes the removal of ... more

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Slot machine Manromission: If you make justice from solo

It is certainly not the first time that it happens, unfortunately, but again someone has made "justice for themselves" by beating two customers who in the exercise he managed would have attempted to tamper the entertainment equipment, the notorious slot machines of his ... more

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Slovenia: the game is also a source of tourism

Since there are tricolor gaming houses, the same have always contributed as well as to "replenishing" the praise coffers with their conspicuous payments but also to enhance the cities that surround these structures by feeding, without ... more

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China: the Silk Road also passes through the game

Those who have a few years too much to resort to fun with video game and therefore threw themselves to play in the online casinos, cannot absolutely disconnect that they have seen sometimes "Winnie the Pooh", a very nice yellow bear of the ... more

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Sapar: clash with the president against 'Ndrangheta

Alas, gambling, including American casino online casino platforms, has undoubtedly more difficult life, complicated its commercial path throughout the peninsula and the territories do nothing but narrow more and more ... more

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Sensitive place: for the game a too wide conception

Even the "profane" of gambling and the best online mess, and therefore those who "chew little", have learned of the terminology of "sensitive place": absolute cross for playful activities that to open to the public neither… more

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