Safe gambling: no to the prohibitions that are not needed

The principle that descends from the title of these lines is repeated to it to the bitter end and often becomes the subject of reflection in relation to the world of games and online casinos, to its restrictive rules, to the ban on advertising to the games ... more

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Gambling: there are so many problems to solve

The world of games and online casinos Slot has so many problems to solve and from which to look at it that almost, and it is underlined almost, no longer puts the well -known territorial question that has more than ... from more than ... more

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Metaverse: an increasingly digital world of game

"Metaverse", male noun, coined for the first time by Neal Stephenson in 1992 in the drafting of his science fiction novel "Snow Crash" and today perhaps already a term already "inflated" which means "highly immersive virtual experience" destined to take L 'inheritance… more

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June 2022: a warm month for online casino and bets

That for the world of games and the best American messages the months to come represent a hot atmosphere, it should not be a novelty since it is a situation that has been experiencing for some time for the most varied reasons: this depends, ... more

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A gash in the unwilling scenario of gambling

In another article it was recalled that to attract attention to a certain thing "it is enough to continue talking about it": for better or bad it is, the topic is on the mouth of everyone, especially of the interested parties and of the opinion… more

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ADM: High guard to counter illegal online gambling

Objectively, it seems that only the Customs and Monopolies Agency has at heart the world of games and online casinos ADM, which is "pampering" it and putting stakes around the legal game to defend it and to contrast ... more

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Gambling and cultural heritage continue to collaborate

Izilove Foundation, which deals with intervening in the so -called "good causes" that involve the social, on behalf of Snaitech, leader in the world of games and bets, moves without advertising and "on tiptoe" for years for operations ... more

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Sports betting: the extension to concessions will expire shortly

Just to change, and once again, the game is in danger due to possible infiltrations of illegality precisely in the sports betting segment, both terrestrial and online. As if the sector had already had no problems during ... more

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When it comes to play it seems that everything is more complicated

Sometimes it appears that in any direction we turn around and look when it comes to the game and better American messages seems more more complicated than what happens in other sectors. So much pandemonium aroused by ADM for ... more

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Putting order in the game seems an impossible mission

"An (almost) impossible mission" to save the world of games and American legal casino online sites in all its diversified sectors: the legislation implemented with the looming of the change of times, uses and consumption that ... more

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