Gambling: you have to start again by learning from your mistakes

The trust and hope of seeing all the Italic territory that can be "painted in white" are the two deepest feelings that any citizen and any entrepreneur feels after more than a year of personal, corporate and economic darkness ... more

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Reorganization of gambling: it seems impurchable today

Unquestionably in the world of games, including online slot casino, there is a lot of movement these days: it will be the achievement of the mirage of the "white areas" that are delivering so much confidence to all the activities in the sector, but you feel like ... more

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Legal gambling is threatened by illegality

There are those who can be a good witness who in the pandemic period continued to underline the somewhat risky danger of leaving the territory in the hands of illegal gaming points, which have taken the place of the public game, online casino ... more

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Great opportunities in the world of game

The world of games, not that of online casino slots, and video games can also be delicate and uncomfortable, but of profound and safe interest in the earnings it produces: and this explains why the giants of both finance and ... more

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Finally politics is in line with legal gambling

From "horrified" ... and not to believe: even the clearly adverse band policy, Lega and Pd, in agreement to support the restart of the public game, including American casinos, with an early date to that of July 1st! Obviously all requests is ... more

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Legal gambling: National reorganization goal

Yellow area, white area: opening of all activities with circumspection and with "calculated risk". Honestly many words and many looks at the various areas of the American territory to continue discussing and making restart programs: but more importantly, ... more

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Even legal gambling will not be left alone

At the beginning of the pandemic, when the old executive of Prime Minister Conte was still in force, the latter often and willingly was pronounced the fateful phrase: "Nobody will be left alone" and we all know in general how it ended with ... more

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The persistent and anachronistic closure of gambling

By now there are no additional adjectives that can enclose the sense of closing the public game and top mess: every moment comes to mind a new one that is well gripping with this mental confusion that has ... more

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White areas: hope for the reopening of gambling

Objectively today, after eight months of closing the game activities and new mess, in this delicate, difficult and perhaps even uncomfortable world, all that remains is to hope for the "white areas" that can truly constitute a mirage, with oasis ... more

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In Pandemia, unfortunately, he never stopped playing

The commercial activities are gradually opening, the areas of orange have passed in recent days to yellow and the white areas are also "appearing on the horizon": where restrictions disappear as if by magic, the curfew does not apply and where almost ... more

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