Extension of the concessions of the games: uncomfortable topic

The world of American games and casinos, its organization, its sales points and all its supply chain seems to be perpetually under a sort of magnifying glass, both by ADM in communion with the ... more

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Totocalcio: you want to return to the glories of the past

Those who still read us patiently, know that every now and then we like to "show off" some school resipscence to color our saying with something precious that too often leaves our minds: and never verses by Giovanni Pascoli can be ... more

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Gambling operators must understand players

The world of games, including authorized American casinos, is changing skin or, better, is trying to implement all those options that have been following him for some years now and that, to date, has not really managed to ... more

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Future of gambling: quality arrives

The occasion of the pandemic, and of the consequent closure imposed at the institutional level of the world of game, including American casinos including, to counter the advance of the virus, brought the experts to a "unbridled study" on the strategies to be applied at the moment ... more

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ADM at work to restore credibility to gambling

The Customs and Monopolies Agency is "a river in full" and continues to externalize reflections on what happened to the world of games and the online casino ADM since the beginning of the health emergency, we speak of March 2020: it is a period ... more

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Unemployment in the gambling sector

In a certainly oppressive way, and almost if it were a mantra, in recent months it has continued to repeat that the prolonged closure of the game activities and the legal casinos would inevitably bring many small and medium -sized enterprises to lower ... more

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The game without winning in cash must also be saved

The interest and particular attention that the Customs and Monopolies Agency is reserving to the whole world of game and top online casinos, in addition to the opening of the "white areas" for the restart of playful activities, can only ... more

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Gambling: all united to overcome the emergency

Until the exhaustion, it has been repeated that the world of game and legal casinos, albeit artfully mistreated during the pandemic period and forced to an absurd prolonged closure, continued to "mull out strategies" to be found prepared in front of the ... more

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The relationship between gambling and credit institutions

Perhaps, and perhaps it is underlined, a "historical fact" is being made regarding this pandemic period concerning gambling, including American casinos, and its relationships with credit and financial institutions: after many misunderstandings and different ... more

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In USA it is not easy to talk about gambling

Abroad, in distant or neighboring countries, we can speak of gambling and online casino slot freely: here in USA, instead, when we talk about the game there are those who still turn up their noses today, considering it a world everything To itself, ... more

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