Government: enough hiding towards the game

It is not understood whether the attitude that Adm, a guarantee brand for the best mess, deep towards his world of game must be "an example" for the new government or that is part of the qualities of its general manager: ... more

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The executive does not intervene yet for the reorganization of the game

In the last three or four years, those who love the best game and casino had to suffer anomalous interventions, and sometimes even disproportionate, by the regions that "wanted" to defend from the accident of the game phenomenon, issuing ordinances ... more

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Draghi government: it seems that the game is not so important

It would seem an absurd thought, but the writer can only externalize it to see if it could be shared by other minds: the behavior of the current new Draghi government almost suggests that the American authorized games and casinos sector ... more

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Gambling: the judgment that has it is very important

What we "like" in this almost past pandemic period is the fact that finally, the world of games and online casinos in the top of the street events has managed to organize everything united as a single man, and so ... more

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National Law on the game: now yes, and quickly

It is absolutely out of doubt that the strongest, indeed Stenteroa voice, which is heard in relation to the problems of the world of American game and casinos is primarily that of the same sector and of the Customs and ... more

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A united policy to protect the legality of the game

If for once, only one, the political forces of different coloring joined as a single man to defend the legality in the area and consequently the public game and the mess that represents it, would really be a great ... more

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Silence the prohibition towards the legal game

Those who still, with patience, read our writing know how many times the rumor has risen to invoke that one ends once and for all the media-political prohibitionist campaign that is constantly imposed on the new game and casino, from ... more

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The double face of the government towards gambling

The old diatribe who has kept the bench for a long time, and who feels involved in the first person since we love the world of games and online casino ADMs, unfortunately it is revealed identical over the years: the central government he has ... more

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Discussions on pure entertainment games continue

Even the games of pure entertainment, therefore not the American authorized mess, continue to make people discuss, especially the remandation tickets that have been in the view of precision of the game detractors for some time: whether it is with winnings in money or ... more

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Now it's the right time to apply changes to gambling

Until a few years ago, three or four no more, the regulation of the game and new mess sector was also recalled internationally to be an example for those countries that had not yet allowed legality ... more

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