The Observatory advises to restrict the gambling rules

From July to today there is no doubt that they still discuss the "recommendations" then sent to the Ministry of Health and the regional councilors for health, by the Gap Observatory to further restrict the rules that regulate ... more

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Prohibition of advertising to the game: USA bad councilor of Spain

More than once in our writing (for those who still read us) we have "thrown" verbally, but in absolute good faith, towards the total ban on advertising to the games, the best online casinos and the bets contained in ... more

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Trentino Region: Lost contributions for the game

A little healthy humor every now and then it takes! You absolutely do not want to stigmatize or make sterile controversy over this "unexpected to do" of Trentino towards the world of games and new mess that has always been not so accepted and ... more

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Game Rooms: Green Pass increases its usefulness

That the green pass is becoming an indispensable tool for "moving" with more freedom is a certainty: that its field of action is enlarged, and therefore not only in some commercial establishments, as if to access the ... more

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Few certainties for the game if the reorganization does not arrive

The recent history of the world of games and online casinos with slot is not a beautiful happy final fairy tale as many would like to many, at least for those who love this fascinating sector even if, sometimes, extremely uncomfortable for ... more

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USA: Too much advertisements for newly chopped sports betting

"The whole world is a country" it is said and this can easily be applied, unfortunately, to the world of games, including new online casinos, and particularly to the sports betting sector particularly welcome to the players, wanted and lived with so much enthusiasm ....... more

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Referental replacement for games: here are the papabili

As if the misadventures of the American game and casinos were not already sufficient and had never ended, the whole sector await the appointment of the new Undersecretary of the Economy with delegation to the games after the "voluntary" removal of ... more

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Undersecretary with delegation to the Games: Durigon resignation

Together with the thousand problems and critical issues of the public game and online casinos with slot machines, from the implications of the pandemic, the national reorganization of the entire sector that never comes to finish with the control of the Green Passs we were missing ... more

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American legal gambling: territorial realities

Given and considering that the American game, including American casinos, currently does not offer particular news regardless of the continuous diatribes as regards the acceptance of the green pass by the sector, "we like" go to browse in others ... more

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Gambling: you want the freedom of before

The 36 million people who have received the double dose of vaccine is not surprising, but can be reassuring: and if "only 36 million people" believed in this solution and managed to obtain a semblance of ... more

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