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With the slot machines fun is guaranteed. These machines have always been one of the players' gambling games. Their success is in the simplicity of the game dynamics and from the possibility of winning a lot with small investments. During their history, the slot machines have undergone a modernization process that led them to be the fantastic machines that we all know today. From simple and not very attractive, they have gone to be beautiful, super technological and very funny. The game software made everything even more compelling, and the introductions of special bonuses and progressive jackpots made them even more convenient. There are many types of slots on the market today, they range from slot machines From a bar, to the online casino slot machines up to the new slots.

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General characteristics of slot machines

The first slot machine, called "Liberty Bell", was said to be born in 1895, the result of the intuition of a Bavarian mechanic emigrated to California. It is the immediacy, most likely, the characteristic that has allowed slot machines to reach a great popularity all over the world, including USA. Similar, from many points of view, to the equally famous Bingo, the slots represent the ideal pastime for those looking for a fast and fun game, equipped with simple and intuitive rules. Even a few free minutes are sufficient to try their luck, relying on the rollers that turn; A not indifferent advantage for people who usually are forced to give up spending time in an online casino due to frequent daily commitments. Given the success found over the years, the variants of the Slot machine for free availability of net They are now very numerous. They differ from each other, as well as for the proposed themes, at the level of prize pool. In any case, the possible earnings are destined to vary according to the amount of the episode, and the payment lines chosen before the start of the rollers. The jackpot constitutes the maximum winning winner to a slot, and the most popular slots are those that assign the progressive jackpot. If in the first case the win is default, the progressive slots see the amount of the jackpot increase game after match. In fact, the final value is also determined by the number and amount of the games from the different players. If to see your chances of victory increase in many of the casino games it is necessary to elaborate a strategy, opting for slot machines you will find yourself in front of a game whose fundamental variable is represented by luck. The operation of the machines is linked to the presence of an algorithm; Its task is to distribute the winnings in a completely random way. Precisely by virtue of the fact that the winning combinations are determined by the so -called "RNG", an acronym for "Random Generator Number", the slots do not become part of the skill games.

Instructions to play with slot machines

Even those who cannot define themselves as a great expert in the world of gambling and the world of online casinos, the "structure" of a slot machine is well aware. The main element is represented by the grid, formed by a series of rollers (or coils) and some lines. But the real protagonists of the game, and elements that distinguish one slot compared to another, are the symbols, in most cases related to the chosen setting. What is the purpose of a user who approaches an online slot machine? Get, thanks to the symbols, one of the expected winning combinations, i.e. a certain sequence of symbols. Obviously, each slot has a special payments table, which can be consulted at any time. Before starting a game, therefore, it is certainly useful to read what is shown on the table, as it allows you to be aware of which lines are actually able to generate payments, and on the most profitable symbols. Episode a certain sum of money, the next step consists in selecting the level of episode; In general, the levels offered are 10.

Slot Machine nei casino online

To guarantee the functioning of the first slot machines was the presence of mechanical components. These machines, in most cases, saw the presence of 3 rollers inserted in a wooden case (subsequently passed to the sheets in sheet metal), of a single winning line and a lever that would allow to start the mechanism. In the 1960s, the first electromechanical slots appeared on the market, in turn replaced (starting from the 80s) by electric slots. The fundamental step towards modern slots was the advent of electronic components. The microchips, in addition to being less bulky, are certainly better guarantee of performance. In addition, the use of digital represented a not indifferent advantage from a graphic point of view. New terrestrial game rooms have started to spread, year after year, in US territory. This success soon led the slot machines to cross the boundaries of the American continent, landing in Europe. In the new millennium, the birth of online casino was another crucial knot in the history of slots. On the other hand, in addition to making it even easier to take part in a game (a few mouse clicks are sufficient to perform an episode), virtual platforms are able to offer an an unthinkable variety; This in terms of bonuses, settings, graphics and sounds. What is it necessary to do to be able to play slot machines in a virtual mess? First of all, you will have to register (if you are not already registered) in a room authorized to operate in our country, filling in (also online) with your personal data the form provided by the chosen room. You will therefore have to proceed with the sending of a document proving the age of majority. This step will allow you to open the game account. Only at that point can a player proceed with the first deposit. Keep in mind that, in many cases, the latter is associated with a welcome bonus, to be exploited to make the winnings even more important. To make the payment on the account you have several payment systems available. Created the game account, there will be nothing more than selecting the slot machine most in line with your tastes to start having fun. As already indicated previously, each slot will allow you to choose between different levels of episode. An advantage not to neglect, especially for those who have no experience in the matter and want to start playing by investing a few cents. However, there is an alternative, consisting of the "for free" slots, made available by online casinos to allow users to practice in a completely free way.

Let's now examine, in the large panorama of slot machines Without initial deposit required By now available, the types of most popular machines online. They deserve to be mentioned first the "Fruit Machine", in all probability the most famous classic slots, still on the crest of the wave. The slots that have drawn inspiration from films (also of animation) and TV series are also highly appreciated. In particular, it is the machines dedicated to the world of super heroes who exercise a great call. This is mainly valid towards the new generations. To unite the slots set in the imaginative (or realistic, depending on the case) world of cinema, is the quality achieved on the graphic level and animations. In recent times, unstoppable technological progress has allowed software house to introduce 3D slots on the market, which have the winning feature in the visual effects. If, as just seen, the sector dedicated to slot machines is particularly large, leading to differences also marked between one machine and the other, some elements are shared. For example, most of the slots have a number of rollers variable between 3 and 5. This, in any case, did not prevent some online rooms from inserting 4 -roll slot machines in their catalog, or modified versions of some slots famous, capable of offering up to 6 rollers. We have already highlighted how the payment lines to determine the winnings. More payment lines mean, for each player, multiply the chances of victory; Obviously, choosing multiple lines involves greater expense. If the symbols are an element destined to change according to the specific setting of each individual slot, some are recognized as the same function. The "Wild", the "Scatter" and some "extra" symbols are part of this short list. This term refers to the symbols that allow you to activate special functions or, alternatively, which guarantee the user of free laps (the so -called free spins).

Play slot machines in online casinos from mobile devices

The success that the slot machines enjoy in the world of gambling have certainly taken advantage of the advent of increasingly advanced technologies. To push an even greater number of enthusiasts towards this pastime was the development of Versions for portable devices: smartphones, tablets, iPhone and iPadsnull In particular, the implementation of the "HTML5" language has allowed developers to improve slot machines from different points of view: addition of new levels to overcome, graphics rich in details, introduction of 3D, guaranteed fluidity. The most evident advantage linked to the use of a smartphone for online bets is the possibility of having fun at any time of day and night. To convince the skeptics to test this game mode, an increasing number of virtual platforms has decided to offer Promotions and bonuses to those who decide to take advantage of them from their mobile device.

Tips to play best with slot machines

Is not yet registered in any online casino, and the high number of options available is making your choice difficult? In this case, you can rely on our casinoonlineams.com website to read detailed reviews relating to the best rooms on the net, as well as guides dedicated to Most famous games than casinoAmong our pages you will find only virtual rooms certified by the State Monopolies Agency. In this way you will have the certainty of playing inside rooms operating in full compliance with the provisions of current regulations. How to make sure that a mess is actually "in order"? It will be sufficient to verify that the AAMS logo appears on the site; You can thus enroll safely. If it is the simple fun that pushes many users to slot machines, others see this pastime as an option to try to increase the amount available on the gaming account. Is this your goal? Then dedicate a certain attention to the choice of the slot in which to invest your budget, focusing on the machines whose contribution to the formation of the bonuses is particularly high. Do not forget, in fact, that not all slots guarantee the same percentage of participation to transform the so -called "fun bonus" into a real bonus. The world of online gambling represents a novelty for you, and is the fear of losing the budget at your disposal quickly? However, does the idea of ​​playing free mode not "tantalizing" enough? In this case you can take advantage of a second option. What's it about? In setting up a weekly spending limit, that is, in determining the maximum amount of your episodes a priori. If, taken from the game, you will exceed this limit, the room in which you are enrolled will automatically block the episodes, safeguarding your wallet.