Slot Machine Millionaire Genius Free

Here is the Slot Machine Millionaire Genius Free with which you can play every time you want it without depositing and without subscribing to any site. We wish you a good fun with this free online casino game offered exclusively to you by the editorial staff of Casinoonlineams.com.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General information on Millionaire Slot Machine Genie Free <

The Millionaire Genie slot Machine Free, active in American casino online, is inspired by the history of Aladdin's magic lamp, capable of satisfying all your desires. The atmosphere, therefore, is that of the most authentic East, while the protagonist of the scene, or we should say of the screen, is the genius of the lamp, which will emerge every time you manage to complete a good combination.

The Free Millionaire Genie slot Machine is released on the market in April 2013. The programmers are those of Dragon Fish, or the software development department born under the aegis of 888. The Millionaire Slot Machine Genie is presented as a software from Game at 5 rollers, with 15 payment lines: enthusiasts of the oriental genre will love it for 3D and sound graphics, but also those who have never thought of the oriental slots will appreciate it for the large prizes offered by the production house. One of the characteristics that distinguishes the Millionaire Genie slot free is then the security of the game and respect for the payout reported by programmers: exactly like all the slot machines certified by AAMS the game is legal and safe.

The symbols with which you will have to play by playing the Millionaire Genie slot for free are those related to the enchanted universe in which Aladino lives: in addition to him, on the screen, the lamp will be the protagonist, the golden key, the bag of gold coins , Odalisca and the book of magic. To these are added the Jolly symbols, depicted through the letters mg. To these symbols, to which is added the scatter, add a respectable progressive jackpot, which will be able to conquer you in all respects. The amount of the jackpot grows as a percentage of the games you have made: this means that it can reach truly stratospheric figures.

To conquer the jackpot of the Millionaire Genie slot jack, you will not have to create a particular combination: the jackpot is random, so anyone can win it at any time. What you will have to hope is that the blindfolded goddess is looking at you, or you will have to ask the genius of the lamp to fulfill your desire.

How to play the Millionaire Genie Slot Machine Free

Before you reveal how yes Play the slot machine Millionaire Genie for free, let's analyze the game screen, within which you can find all the information you need to start playing. First of all, to find out what are the winning combinations provided by the Millionaire Slot Machine Genie for free you will have to do nothing but click on the bottom left on the payments table: here you will be revealed all the symbols inside the game, as well as the winning combinations with the related winnings, and what is the function of the special symbols planned.

For a complete overview of your game account, however, just click on "Information". Within this section you will find all the information about the episodes you have made, which winnings can be scored, as well as the chances of defeat. So let's move on to the range of executable episodes. The expected minimum episode is equal to 0.01 cents of $ on each line, while the maximum episode, on the 15 payment lines is equal to $ 150. If you leave the default episode, however, you will find yourself aiming $ 3.75. The maximum coins you can aim are 10, each of it has a maximum value of $ 10, while the multiplier reaches a roof of 80x.

Having clear the picture of the episodes, it is clear that you will have to choose how much to focus on each payment line, before making your play. If you leave the default episode of $ 3.75 unchanged, you will find yourself focusing on each line $ 0.25. At this point you will have to choose whether to start the rollers manual or automatic. The "automatic game" allows you to let the software start the rollers without your intervention: the automatic game can be activated for 10, 25, 50 and 75 games. Each automatic played play is the one you have set up upstream. Different situation, for the manual episode: at the Millionaire Genie slot Machine for free, if you choose to play manually you can change your episode from time to time.

The expected Payout is 93.52%, so the times you win will be far superior to the defeats: in principle we can say that the payout of the Millionaire slot Genie free is perfectly in line with that of the other AAMS certified slot machines , also present in Casino with no initial deposit bonus.

Regarding the bonuses, the Wild at the Millionaire Genie slot Machine is represented by the MG logo, or Millionaire Genie, who, according to Jolly, replaces any other symbol, except other bonus symbols and Scatter, to allow you to produce a combination winning. The run, on the other hand, is represented by the genius of the lamp: when three or more genes appear on the screen, the scatter is triggered allowing you to turn the rollers for free.

The Millionaire Genie slot Machine also has a bonus game: it activates when the princess's eyes appear on the screen. When the princess's eyes appear three times on the screen then you can challenge the genius of the lamp in person and get prize pools of a thousand and one night.

Advantages of playing the Millionaire Genie Slot Machine Free

Involving sound, very realistic 3D graphics and a passionate game capable of making you win very substantial sums of money. Are these advantages enough for you? If this were not the case, among the characteristics that distinguish the Millionaire Genie Slot Machine for free, we at Casinoonlineams.com, we have identified a very good payout and the possibility of playing a safe slot, certified by AAMS.

In addition, the Millionaire Genie Slot Machine free allows you to try the game without investing cash: what you can do is experiment with your game strategy, understand its combinations and dynamics. Once you have played the game, then you can aim your money: FALE both from desktop and mobile. The Millionaire Genie slot Machine, in fact, allows you to also play from tablets or smartphones, with the only flaw that the episodes will necessarily have to be on all 15 playing lines: if on the one hand this can be a limitation, on the other it is a way to win a lot more money.>