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Here is the slot machine adventures in orbit gratis with which you can play every time you want it without depositing and without subscribing to any site. We wish you a good fun with this free online casino game offered exclusively to you by the editorial staff of Casinoonlineams.com.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General information on the Adventures slot machine in orbit free

Are adventures in orbit your aspiration? If so is the Adventures slot machine in orbit free, present in Best casino, will be your life game. The Adventures slot machine in orbit is part of the panorama of the electronic machines of the online casino games in October 2014. The slot is the slot home of Cryptologic online gambling games, which managed to provide the slot with a slot 'excellent graphic presentation; A futuristic, and most compelling, audio sector is linked to it.

In the role of an expert astronaut, the Adventures slot machine in orbit will launch you in infinite space, within which you will have the task of navigating to discover the universe and help the alien and your friend, Aoki, to return to the His Christmas planet.

Wanting to go into detail, regarding the general characteristics of the Adventures slot machine in orbit, we can say that it is enough to observe it to understand that it is a slot that has 3 × 5 rollers, inside which 25 payment lines can come to life null The number of payment lines is essential for the purpose of the game: in fact, the number of these lines will also establish your episode in each hand. So what you can do before starting the rollers is to decide whether to focus on a single game line, on multiple lines of play or on all the game lines simultaneously.

The episode ranges from a minimum of 0.01 to 250 tokens, which correspond to 0.01 cents of $ up to 25 $; Alternatively, the episodes can vary from 0.05 to 5 $. For this slot, the game production house has provided for a margin of revenues for the online casino of 6.33%: this means that the possibility of winning the slot is really very high, exceeding abundantly 90%. Among the game functions there are different types of bonuses, to which are added the free spins, to attempt luck without aiming any toilet saved.

How to play the Adventures on orbit slot machine slot

Exactly as it happens for others macchinette slot machines Electronics present inside the online casinos certified by AAMS, the Adventures slot machine in free orbit also allows you to play and test the slot in demo mode. This means that you can have fun without any need to download the game software, which in this mode will be started by flash. The "for Fun" game still maintains all the game characteristics of the version with "real money" except for the winnings: in fact, in the first version they will be composed of chips that simply allow you to continue having fun, while in the second mode They can be turned into real money.

Once in front of the Adventures slot machine in orbit the theme appears evident: the space, dotted with spacecrafts, launch laser and suitcases containing amazing surprises. If the structure of the Adventures slot machine in orbit is simple, consisting of 3 × 5 rollers and 25 payment lines, differs from the others for the presence of two "Wild" symbols, or two jokers. The appearance of the "Wild" on the framework allows you to double the possibility of winning or allow the creation of multiple winning combinations.

The first thing to do before starting the rollers is to point: select the value of the feat in the tokens and the number of lines on which to play. At this point you just have to start the rollers of the Adventures slot machine in orbit simply by clicking on the "Spin" button. To understand what the winning combinations are, you just have to take a look at the payments table, within which both the value of the win and the symbols are shown thanks to which it is made.

To the combinations provided in the table are added the two Wild symbols: the first, called only Wild can appear on the rollers 2 or 4, is replaced by all the symbols except the scar and the bonus. The Wild symbol has the appearance of a shuttle on which the Jolly writing stands out. The Wildx2, on the other hand, appears on the roller 3: it has the task of doubled an activated win. It also has the shape of a spacecraft on which, however, the X2 is highlighted.

To these symbols are added the free spins, or the free laps that enable themselves during the game. The scatter is proposed in the guise of a briefcase. The run activates the free spins according to this mode: if there are 3 free laps on the screen are 10, which become 20 with 4 runs and 30 with 5 runs.

The Adventures slot machine in orbit is also equipped with a game Bonus Which takes shape when the Aoki alien appears. The bonus game is called comic journey and consists in helping the alien to find the way home: you will have 6 chance to help Aoki and you will be able to get your prize if you direct it in the right direction.

Advantages of playing for free with the Adventures slot machine in orbit free

The games made for online casinos by Cryptologic are getting an excellent response from gamblers, thanks to exciting three -dimensional graphics, played bonuses and very high prizes. As well as several games produced by this Gambling games production house, the Adventures slot machine in free orbit has also become a real must for players, newbies or professionals, to whom she managed to offer excellent performance and unmissable winnings. The possibility of testing the game for free, then, did nothing but bring even the most skeptical, in addition to all those who, having never played a slot do not intend to invest real money without having clear the game mechanism.

Precisely for this reason, the Adventures slot machine in Orbit free It is suitable for those who want to build their own game technique without investing money: after reading the regulation, and always taking a look at the payments table, you can fully insert yourself in the spirit of the game. Once you have made the best strategy, and to have understood what are the combinations that make you get the major winnings then you can also choose to start investing your money. Remember to turn to the online casinos who have obtained a regular license from AAMS: in this way you will have the certainty of pointing safely and always legally.