Seven and a half - information and rules for playing

Seven and a half is one of the traditional games with which American families entertain themselves on the occasion of the anniversaries in many parts of USA. The card game boasts ancient traditions and is one of the favorite recreational entertainment both in the most classic version and according to some variants. Thanks to seven and a half you can pass funny moments in terrestrial casinos and online casinos. A little luck, some shrewdness and a bouquet of American or French cards passionate amateurs and experts thanks to the simple rules and the speed of the game. If you use a deck of French cards you will have to play by raising the cards depicting eight, nine and ten and you will use those from 1 to 7 and figures. The deck to play in seven and a half is 40 cards and the players can be 2 to 12. To win you will have to make the greatest score without bouncing, that is, without making a score greater than seven and a half. To give the first hand the Mazziere (Banco) is drawn between the players and the cards are distributed counterclockwise.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

Play responsibly

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Instructions to play with 7 and a half

To play seven and a half, also in All no deposit casinos, you have to know the value of the cards with which you will try to make the highest possible score, remembering that you don't have to overcome the numerical limit from which the game takes its name. Storing their value is easy as the figures are worth half a point while all the others have the nominal numerical value: the axis is equal to 1, the two is equal to 2, the three is worth 3 and so on. The madman is represented by the king of money (in some places by the queen of hearts) and is used as if it were a joker: in fact it can have a value that varies from half a point to seven points. It will be the player (also called top player) to decide his value. He recalls, however, that he can have an entire value or it will be worth half a point but will not be able to apply 2 and a half, 3 and a half, 4 and a half etc. If the seven and a half you make is made up of two cards that have the same seed is said royal or emblume: in this case you will have beaten the mazziere and you will be paid twice the mail. Furthermore, you will be the Mazziere in the next hand, in fact the counter passes to another player only when the seven and a half is made or when the cards are over. Remember that the seven and a real half can be done with the Jolly (i.e. the crazy) and the figure, with the crazy and the seven and the seven and the figure marked by the same seed. In case you manage and reach the seven and a half with the crazy know that you will be paid triple. It may happen, however, that you are not the only one to have done the real seven and a real half: in this case all players will receive the double mail.

From a practical point of view the gamble It takes place as follows: the counter distributes the cards and each player receives one. After watching it the player decides the episode and establishes whether to ask for another by saying "paper": the second will be discovered. After receiving this second card, he can stop or ask for another one. If, on the other hand, the first card received satisfies the player will have to declare that he "staying". Once the cards are obtained, the player can be busy, do seven and a half or still be under the maximum score limit (i.e. below seven and a half): in the first two cases it will have to discover the covered card and declare it immediately. One after the other the players will play their play and then it will be the turn of the Mazziere who, after discovering him, will decide whether to stay or take a second one. If the bench high, the episodes of the players who have not busted, that is, the episodes of those who remained at stake, will be paid on an equal footing. If, on the other hand, the Mazziere decides to be, there will be a comparison between him and that of each player. In this regard, he recalls that the counter loses (and therefore pays the episodes) only if his cards totaled a value lower than that of the players: if the combinations of the players are equal to him, the counter wins and collects the mail.

When the players who make the real seven and half and more than one must determine what is the one that has the highest value, so that the player who has created the seven and a half of greater value can become Mazziere. The evaluation is made based on the seeds: the order sees the swords (hearts) in the first place; to the second cups (paintings); To the third the denarii (flowers) and the last sticks (spades). This is the correspondence between American and French cards. Some variants of the game predict that the role of Mazziere, on the other hand, holds him, the one who is on the right of the outgoing club. Finally, it recalls that the game, in addition to the "classic" variant, can present the "flat" variant. In the "dish" it is the Mazziere who decides the initial episode and plays against a player at a time. In the classic variant, however, the Mazziere plays against all the players simultaneously and the episode made by the player must be between the minimum and the maximum one established by the table.

Among the variants of the game, which has nothing to do with the scommesse online, it is important that you know that 3 and 4 are cards that can be "burned". This means that the player who receives a 3 or a 4 can return the paper to the counter to have another: if he is another 3 or another 4 he can again "burn it". This is not a rule to be observed but a possibility that the freedom to exploit or not. Being, however, a variant must be agreed with the Mazziere and with the other players, before the game begins: in this way misunderstandings and discontent will not be created.

Game of 7 and a half in online casinos

Very well known in USA but also in Spain and Brazil, seven and a half has been proposed for some time in the best known online casino with AAMS license, certification that attests to its suitability and aims at the protection of the player. As only i is known Online casino in possession of AAMS license They allow a legal game, guarantee the security of sensitive data and offer a wide range of games and prizes. The dealers with this license offer the best gambling games and have online versions of seven and a half. In addition, in many cases, it is also possible to impract the demo mode. The cards used are 40, as per tradition, and the deck is mixed by the software at the beginning of each game. The success that this game has on the web is due to the excellent platforms on which it can be played, the beauty of the graphics and the proposed variants. In addition to these characteristics, we recommend that you also evaluate the excellent percentages of Payout and the numerous bonuses offered. You will be able to play in the tournaments in which hundreds of players participate or choose those with more small dimensions where no more than 4 players are present. The variants of the game will give you the opportunity to choose, based on your preferences, how to spend a playful parenthesis that allows you to get prizes. Whether you are a skilled strategist or a neophyte that overlooks the online casinos for the first time, you will excite yourself to a gambling that is very reminiscent of the games of clubs made in the family and with friends.

Playing at 7 and a half in online casino from mobile devices

The same opportunities for fun offered by seven and a half in terrestrial casino And online are also proposed on optimized mobile devices: smartphones and tablets can be the devices to play on in your free time. If the first online games took place only through the browser, today there are no qualitative differences for those who want the convenience of a device that can be used everywhere. You can challenge and win the Mazziere but also have fun in the tournaments: the randomness of the cards and the correctness of the game are guaranteed by specific software. You can decide to play in seven and a half through the smartphone or other mobile devices by downloading the application from the dedicated stores. The ease of use is remarkable and the payment and withdrawal methods are numerous.

Tips to play at best with 7 and a half

Seven and a half can be considered a game linked to luck but some skills and small strategies are not extraneous to the player's victory. We at playgambling.org want to give you some tips that could allow you to play with great satisfaction. The first thing to know is that the counter studies players' attitudes to understand the value of the cards they have in hand and behave accordingly. The so -called “face from poker"It is the one to take whatever the card you have: not to make it clear and not to be predictable can make the difference. Another tip concerns what to do after receiving the first card (which as you know is covered). If it is a 3 or 4 it is better to burn it: in fact, the chances of getting clove with the second card are very high (especially with the 4) while those of winning are low. If you receive a 5 or, even more so, a 6 chances of winning are good and therefore it is better not to ask for more cards. If your first card is an ace it will be necessary to ask for a second: if it should be low it will be to you to evaluate whether to ask for another or be. If, on the other hand, your first card is a 7 you will obviously have to stay and make a high episode: the chances of winning will be high.

In the seven and a half game you can have further advantages, such as The promotions and bonuses of the best mess, if you can memorize the exit cards: not being present in the deck you know that they will not be able to happen to you and you can do the calculations accordingly. Above all, the cards above 5 and the figures already released are precious indicators, of course the covered cards always represent a unknown. One last advice is to play responsibly: the fun is greater if you do not run risks and this takes place only if you don't expose yourself beyond your possibilities. The winnings are possible because it is not true that the counter always wins and so you can remove some small whims but this must be done in an absolutely serene way. Finally, remember that having the desk represents an advantage and even if by playing the cards online are mixed by the software, you can still take on the favorable role of Mazziere.