Scala 40 - Information and rules for playing

The jar is a famous card game also known because it has provided the starting point for other very widespread pastimes, scale 40 in the first place. The latter, in particular, is a game that has found the favors of many Americans passionate about playing cards. It was the period between the two world wars, most likely, the one in which Scala 40 grew up of popularity in bourgeois environments. Instead, it is not possible, still today, to enjoy certain information on the origins. Several experts, however, agree that the roots of the 40 scale come from the Indian territory. In this regard, there is talk of a first version, decidedly primordial, dated 10th century. More concrete traces date back to the period of the crusades, in which the "naibe" spread, that is, the ancestors of the playing cards.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of the scale 40

Arriving in our country after spreading in Eastern Europe (first Scala 40 was known above all in Brazil), this game has seen its regulation over the years be subject to several changes. Like what happens for Burraco and Gin, French cards are used to play on Scala 40. The assignment of the scores is completely similar; To be taken into consideration are both the value of the cards and the sequences of the combinations. To underline is also the use of Jolly (2 for deck) or Matte. The final goal of Scala 40 is to stay first without cards in hand. In jargon, this event is called "closure". The number of players can vary, passing from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6. If 4 players come to the table, 2 teams form.

Instructions to play scale 40

The players, during a match on a scale 40 in the Best Casino without the initial obligation of deposit, with the 13 cards in hand they have the opportunity to make several "moves". They can fish or collect, create a series of combinations and discard. All this is done in order to reach a certain score, if the game is "points"; If, on the contrary, you play "Smatzzi", you will have to try to win at least one over more than the opponents. Whoever is on the right of the Mazziere will be the first to start playing. He will be able to open if the cards possessed, added to each other, have a value equal to or greater than 40 points. Subsequently he will be able to drop games, or attack the cards to games already on the table to achieve stairs, sequences and the other combinations provided for by the regulation. If, on the other hand, he decides to discard, he will be up to the following player to get involved. It should be remembered how, during its turn, each player will have the opportunity to choose a card from the deck of the waste, or from the deck formed by the covered cards. However, it is possible to take the first card of the bouquet of waste only if using it will be obtained a combination of minimum 40 points.

Let's now examine in detail the different stages of the scale 40. Initially the first Mazziere is determined; To do this, each player is invited to extract a card from the covered deck. Those who have collected the card with the highest value to take on the role of Mazziere. In turn, the assignment will also be up to the other participants, proceeding clockwise. Once the deck of cards mixed, the latter will be distributed clockwise, until each player receives 13 covered cards. At the end of the distribution, the Mazziere will have to discover a deck card by placing it on the table. Those who are sitting on the left of him will carry out 3 actions, in the sequence that we will now describe.

First of all, he will have to take the first card of the deck located in the center of the table from live game, adding it to 13 already possessed. The second operation will be the "fall", that is, the formation of winning (if existing) combinations; If he can do so he will give rise to the so -called "opening". What combinations do you entitle to opening? All those that, as already anticipated in previous lines, are able to reach a minimum of 40 points. Aiming to drop new "games", the use of a Jolly card dropped by one of the participants is allowed. The term "games" refers to combinations, stairs or sequences. A combination is formed with 3 (you will get a trio) or 4 cards (quartet) of different seeds, but with the same value. The sequence (or scale) is configured by having a minimum of 3 cards in hand (the maximum is equal to the total cards of the player, that is 13) of the same seed, characterized by scale values, without interruption. By exemplifying, on Scala 40 with Asso, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, or with the Asso cards, 2, 3, Jolly and 4 you will have a sequence. The Jolly, in fact, acquires the value of the paper it will replace. With the Asso values, 2, 5, 6, 7 no sequence will materialize, given the lack of 3 and 4.

As regards the values ​​assigned to the cards on scale 40, the figures are recognized as a value 10. The ace can assume a double value; In addition to the classic 11, in fact, it will be worth 1 point if used in front of the two to form a sequence. A rule of the 40 scale does not allow you to have a sequence on the game table made up of more than 5 cards. With 6 cards, for example, the sequence will be divided into two 3 cards each. To win is the player who, before any other, will be able to position the cards he has in his hand forming combinations, or attacking them to those already present. The closure, in fact, must take place at 0. This means finishing using all the cards in hand for the combinations, discarding the only paper left if it was taken in the closing turn from the heel or from the bouquets. The third move to be carried out on Scala 40 will consist in discarding, among the 13 in hand, the card that considers useless. It must be placed on top of the "well", that is, on the deck consisting of the cards discarded by all the players during the game.

Game of scale 40 in online casinos

Until a few years ago, the game of scale 40 represented the typical pastime with which to spend the Christmas festive days in joy. The birth of Casino Online dedicated to gambling has certainly brought new enthusiasts to the already large audience whose scale 40 could enjoy. Having fun from PC, or doing it thanks to the help of smartphones or tablets, has also allowed those who cannot afford to have an opponent "Real" to test one's ability. Obviously, only the rooms equipped with AAMS license, i.e. of the certification issued by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (the acronym derives from the name previously assumed by the Institute, i.e. autonomous administration of the State Monopolies), are able to guarantee Play 100% legal and reliable. The success of the online version is linked to a series of factors; As you have intuited the first is comfort; You can have access to a virtual mess at any time of the day, both in the daytime and in the night.

Another strength of the 40 online scale, the result of both greater investments by the rooms and from the improvements obtained in the technological field, is represented by impeccable graphics. By supporting the latter with sound effects worthy of a terrestrial casino you will enjoy a perfect atmosphere to ensure maximum adrenaline for each game. The AAMS legislation also intervened to provide indications on the average percentage of return, establishing a rather high minimum percentage. This decision led the 40 online scale to reward the players frequently. If you have only recently discovered your passion for gambling, choosing the PC version you can benefit from minimum really low play limits, which invite any type of player to sit at the table. Most online casinos allow you to carry out games by investing only a few cents. At the same time, thanks to high limits who is used to bet "Strong" will find bread for its teeth. Also on the 40 online scale you can choose between "brisk" or "points" matches. In the latter case, if a player reaches a certain threshold of tips (101 or 151) he will be eliminated.

Playing the 40 scale in online casinos from mobile devices

If, to their appear on the market, applications dedicated to the game D’Azzardo did not immediately find the expected success, the doubts of the users soon vanished once their actual usefulness has been found. In particular, the apps turn to those who, by choice or necessity, live a day marked by an uninterrupted sequence of commitments, so much so that it cannot find time even to turn on the PC. Applications from the official stores and dedicated to scale 40 (proposals in multiple versions, depending on the operating system on smartphones or tablets) can be downloaded in a few seconds. More and more passionate are approaching the apps, also because several casinos have chosen to promote this game mode by reserving interesting exclusive promotions. If you have not yet had the opportunity to try playing 40 from your portable device, keep in mind that now all applications are characterized by the multiple customization possibilities. There is no shortage of cases in which you can also choose the skill level of those who will be able to challenge the 40 scale, or salt that allow you to share your results on the main social networks.

In a world in which the sharing of the day events has now reached any area, this option has obtained a very positive response especially among the youngest. The possibility of interrupting a 40 -scale match (due to a sudden commitment or a counterattack) to resume it subsequently; This will allow you to play for a few minutes without being forced, every time, to start a game again. Finally, the enormous steps made forwards, also in this area, on a graphic level, deserve a quote. These developments led, among other things, to the adoption of extremely intuitive interfaces.

Tips to better play scale 40

You discovered that scale 40 is able to give you The adrenaline that you have been looking for in a game for some time of cards? But, at the same time, in addition to having fun wanting to increase your percentage of victories? Like most of the gambling in which the mechanism is not based exclusively on luck, leaving great importance also to dexterity, ability in calculating and reasoning, there are 2 determining factors. These are the caution in the games and the attention reserved for the moves made by your opponents (in particular of the cards discarded by the latter). You will have to avoid, for example, to make cards available that could be used to form winning combinations. When one of the participants in the match of Scala 40 hints at the closure, he tries to get rid of the cards as soon as possible in his hand; This will allow you to avoid an excessive number of penalty points. The caution, on the other hand, implies the wait for the right moment to drop points and combinations.