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General features of PokerStars Poker

PokerStars is a brand that needs no introduction. Launched in the now distant 2001, for over twenty years it has been the world reference point for poker gamers. In USA, its history began in 2008, when she obtained the AAMS license, thus becoming one of the first operators specialized in this sector. Immediately, the operator of the island of Man stands out for the wide variety of its offer: tens of thousands of tables with prize pools guaranteed to 5, 6 and also 7 zeros. The most skilled, for example, can confront each month in the Sunday Million; Perhaps the most famous online poker tournament, which is giving away a total prize pool of 1 million $. In 2011, PokerStars is among the first poker rooms to launch its mobile platform for Android and iOS devices. The catchment area grows thus exponentially, up to the currently reaching the 50 million players connected from all over the world. In spite of its vastness, PokerStars Poker still stands out today as one of the most accessible platforms. If you are a neophyte, its simple and intuitive interface will help you juggle the countless game opportunities. To become a test player, you can follow the PokerStars School courses; A real "university" of poker, which allows you to learn the secrets of the most common variations of this game.

Spacing from the text guides to the video tutorials made in collaboration with the best international poker players, you can assimilate the basic concepts and get to master the most complex strategies. In addition, you have the opportunity to practice fake money tournaments and in the numerous freerolls that take place every day in the PokerStars Italia rooms. The possibilities offered are truly manifold, not only for fans of the classic Texas Hold'em. The Red Picca company, in fact, offers further variations such as the Omaha, the 7 Card Stud, the Razzi, the Five Card Draw, the beloved Spin & Go and many others. Whatever your favorite discipline, on PokerStars you will only be spoiled for choice. The registration procedure is also quite simple: download the game client to your PC or smartphone and proceed to installation following the indications on the screen. After entering your personal data, you will be asked to choose a quick payment method. Finally, you will have to provide a valid identity document (license or identity card) for the necessary checks.

Once the identity verification procedure is completed, you can access the entire platform and finally play real money, after making your first deposit. Of course, like all platforms of this kind, PokerStars also offers you the opportunity to obtain a welcome bonus and further advantages, which we will later analyze in a more detailed way, thanks to which you can start your adventure in online poker with greater tranquilityPokerStars Poker also allows you to live a unique experience: buy a pair of Oculus Rift or HTC viewers lives and enters the world of PokerStars VR; The first poker platform optimized for virtual reality. Immerse yourself in the sparkling atmosphere of Monte Carlo Yacht or Macau 2050, or let yourself be carried on the dusty tables of the wild West in the showroom saloon. Detailed reconstructions with incredibly realistic characters, animations and sounds await you to give you a game experience never seen before.

Tables and tournaments available on PokerStars Poker

The offer of poker games on PokerStars is truly boundless. By entering the main lobby you can immediately decide, through the appropriate filter in the upper bar, whether to play with real or fake money. By selecting the first option, the cash game rooms will appear in the foreground, i.e. the game of poker with a minimum buy-in, which allow you to buy chips in proportion to the paid money. Next to these you can find the tables of the zoom poker, an adrenaline variant of the cash game, which allows you to make a greater number of games without waiting every time the conclusion of the hand. In this version, in fact, the tables and players are remedied after each blow, allowing you to make many more played in the same period of time. Cash Games are in turn offered in 3 different variants: No Limit, Fixed Limit and Pot Limit. The first, as can be seen from the name, allows you to go all-in at any time, without any limitation.

The second, on the other hand, requires the limits set to the episodes, while the third obliges you to bet some sums not exceeding the amount of the dish. These tables, as you can easily imagine, are not very suitable for neophytes, which instead find their natural location in the freerolls; The free admission tournaments where you can win small cash prizes or tickets to access other paid tournaments with even rather rich prize pools. Finding them is very easy: just enter the tournament section and set the "buy-in" filter on the "freeroll" item. The classic multitavian tournaments of PokerStars Poker are available in the same room, which currently offer the richest prize pools in USA. Tournaments that can give you some challenges with a high adrenaline rate, both for the lavish prizes, and because you never know who you can meet: from the more experienced players, hunting for "easy prey", to beginners who want to measure themselves with the "axes "Of poker. Also in the same room you can find the Sit & Go tables, which unlike the classic tournaments, do not have a pre -established starting time, but they start when you reach the pre -established number of players. To start a game at a heads up table, 2 players are enough, while in the Six Handed and Full Ring tables the required number is 6 and 9 players respectively. There are also mini sit & go tournaments that can accommodate up to 27 players (3 tables). If you have little time available and you cannot connect to a fixed time, these tables are the ideal place to satisfy your passion for poker. When time is tyrant, Tempest Poker can also have his why.

This discipline, offered exclusively on PokerStars Poker, is an extreme version of the cash game that allows only two moves: fold or all-in. In these tables there is more space for the action than for the strategy: the games take place quickly and you have to choose the hands to play carefully. Another exclusive of the Poker PokerStars Poker is the 6+ Hold'em, a version with a "quit" deck of the most famous Texas Hold'em, where there are some interesting variables. The main ones are the exclusion of cards from 2 to 5 and the dominance of the color on the full, as happens in the classic American poker. Equally compelling (at least until you come eliminated!) They are the KO tournaments, which allow you to get an award whenever eliminates an opponent. These tables are found both in the tournament section and among the sit & go. Similar to the latter in the name, but not in the contents, are the spin & go tournaments. These are 3 players tables, usually Texas Hold'em or Omaha , which include a rather low and dark stack very fast. Their peculiarity is the random multiplier of the prize pool, which is established at the beginning of the game in a range between 2x and 1000x. Put simply, this means that you can win a figure from 2 to 1000 times higher than the buy-in. Ultimately, we cannot fail to mention the famous PokerStars series; The most exclusive tournaments, which take place only in certain periods of the year and offer truly substantial prize pools. For example, the Turbo Series, which are generally held in the month of May, guarantee an total prize pool of 3 million $, of which 300,000 intended for the first classified of the main event.

Bonus available on PokerStars Poker

PokerStars Poker offers all new members a rather articulated welcome bonus, which deserves to be analyzed in detail. It consists of 3 different promotions, 2 of which are subject to a minimum payment of 20 $ and a linked exclusively to registration. The first tranche of the PokerStars Poker welcome bonus consists of 30 registration tickets for as many freeroll tournaments with 1000 $ prize pool without mandatory deposit. Every day, starting from the one in which you register, you will then receive a ticket for a 1000 $ freeroll tournament valid exclusively for that day. Consequently, the bonus is valid for 30 days and unused tickets cannot be redeemed beyond the expiry date. The cash prizes possibly accumulated through the aforementioned tournaments cannot be taken, but you can still spend them to access the cash game tables or paid tournaments. This bonus is particularly useful, since it allows you to accumulate experience in the most competitive tournaments without risking anything. The second tranche of the bonus new PokerStars users consists of a series of tickets worth $ 40, which you can obtain by making a minimum payment of $ 20 and using the "PokerStars" promotional code.

The bonus consists of four $ 5 tickets and two of $ 10, which are assigned individually in the 6 days following the registration. Each ticket therefore has a validity of 24 hours. The third and final part is instead made up of the so -called Pokestars welcome mission, which offers you the opportunity to win up to $ 100 of bonuses by accumulating points in tournaments and cash game tables. Also in this case there is a minimum deposit of $ 20, while the score system provides for the assignment of 5 points for each euro of paid rake. If you don't know, Rake is a small commission that each game operator requires for the supply of its services. This commission is included in the registration fees to the tournaments and is proportional to their amount. For the purposes of the bonus, therefore, you can accumulate a greater number of points by subscribing to the tables or tournaments with higher buy-in. The regulation provides for the assignment of a bonus of 5 $ every 75 points, up to a maximum of $ 100. This promotion also is valid for 30 days from the moment of registration. The PokerStars Poker Room also offers a 100% welcome bonus on the first deposit, up to a maximum amount of $ 500. To obtain this bonus, make a first payment of at least $ 15, using the promotional code that you find in the "Promotions" section on the home page. The operation is substantially identical to the welcome mission: 5 points for each euro of rake generated and a threshold of 75 points for each bonus of $ 5, which you can accumulate up to an amount equivalent to 100% of your first deposit.

After welcoming you, PokerStars Poker can offer you further advantages through its VIP program, which has recently been renamed as Stars Rewards. It also works by means of a points system, which are obtained in proportion to the amounts spent for registration with the tournaments. Based on the spending thresholds and the results obtained, you can accumulate the rewards points and gradually unlock the available prizes, which are contained within special virtual "trunks". Through the infographic you find in the Stars Rewards section, you can monitor your progress and know how many points you are missing to be able to get your hands on the scope of the chest. By participating in zoom poker tournaments, you can also accumulate a greater number of points (up to 5 times more than traditional tournaments) and achieve your objectives much faster.

Deposit and withdrawals on PokerStars Poker

Poker Poker Poker's payments can be made with all the main payment methods. You can choose the most comfortable solution between the transfer, credit card or prepaid card and electronic wallets such as Paypal, Skrill or Neteller. If, on the other hand, you are not familiar with electronic payments, no problem: thanks to PokerStars' cash charging you can recharge your account also through cash. To make this type of charging, buy a PokerStars voucher at one of the authorized dealers, then go to the Cassa section of your gaming account and enter the corresponding code in the field reserved for cash charging. Remember that the minimum amount depositable is 10 $ regardless of the selected payment method. To withdraw the winnings from the PokerStars account, pass once again from the Cassa Section, then click on the withdrawal item and select the payment system with which you made the last deposit. PokerStars Poker, for safety reasons, accredited the withdrawals on the last payment method used to an amount equivalent to the amount previously deposited and so on, backwards, until the entire sum requested is issued. Request processing times may vary from 1 to 10 days depending on the system used. The minimum amount withdrawable is $ 25 on Visa credit card and $ 10 for all other available solutions.

PokerStars Poker and mobile devices

The PokerStars Poker mobile game software is one of the most complex and articulated. The ultra -decennial experience in the mobile sector, however, allowed the Red Picca software house to further refine its platform for smartphones and tablets, reaching levels of accessibility and realism comparable to those of the CLINET for PC. Through the mobile poker app you have total control of your PokerStars Poker account: in addition to being able to access your favorite tournaments with a single click, via the "Play now" button, the PokerStars app allows you to manage your Bankroll and carry out Any operation as if I were on the PC. The gaming experience is simple and intuitive: an interface with few frills and a lot of substance will guide you to the tables, where you can take advantage of the simplified checks, developed specifically for touchscreen devices. In this way, you can also take advantage of the small relaxation breaks to have fun in the company of your favorite games. And thanks to the Home Games function, you can meet with your friends or family and organize private tournaments on your favorite platform.

Final considerations on PokerStars Poker

PokerStars, in all likelihood, is today the most complete poker room in USA. This operator, in addition to the opportunities already described, even offers you the opportunity to play on multiple tables simultaneously, notifying you with special notifications every time you approach your turn. The bonuses are well made and the deposit or withdrawal system is quite easy. In addition, you need help, customer service is at your disposal 24 hours a day. Ultimately, PokerStars Poker is a reliable operator, who puts at your disposal not only the largest community of players in the world, but also a platform Ideal to refine your skills and become a better player.

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