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General characteristics of digital game bingo

Digital game, from the moment of its appearance in our country (the platform made her debut in 2006) has been able to evolve, quickly climbing the positions in the preferences of gambling enthusiasts. In addition to giving birth to the first American poker room, the operator made school in the field of online bingo, presented in 2009. An innovative choice welcomed with pleasure by the public who also convinced other AAMS operators to propose it again. The first step to enter the heart as soon as possible of what was offered by the Bingo digital game section consists in registering. Thus you will have the right to access the rooms. The rules of the Bingo game are simple and intuitive: simply select the desired room and wait for at least two other users to make the same choice. Another fundamental rule of the game is the fact not to allow the individual player to buy a quantity of folders that exceeds half of those at stake. You can limit yourself to buying a single folder, or accumulate different; The maximum number is destined to vary according to the room and the type of game. As for the costs, to buy a folder, in some cases, it will not be necessary to invest more than 10 cents. The game software offers you the opportunity to buy up to a maximum of 6 folders containing non -duplicate numbers. An option aimed at facilitating the creation of winning combinations. In addition, always in the purchase phase of the folders, the user is free to choose 3 numbers, perhaps associated with a date dear to him. A game started, the game will proceed with the extraction of the numbers, one after the other. If one of the extracted numbers should be present in a player's folder, he will be marked automatically. The number of draws is predetermined, and during the game prizes and any jackpots will be awarded.

What are the combinations that Bingo digital game has chosen to reward? To those made up of two, three or four numbers belonging to the same line, the Bingo is added (the relative prize is awarded to those who complete the folder). The aforementioned Jackpot are assigned to those who are lucky enough to hit the Bingo within a certain call. But Bingo digital game jackpots have special characteristics. To support a classic jackpot is the "jackpot one", with progressive prize pool unlocked by the user capable of hitting the bingo by satisfying particular conditions. The Jackpot One are however reserved only for some rooms (the Andromeda rooms, Day, Rubino and Smeraldo). If the amount provided for the predetermined call is not reached, the Jackpot One would be put back into play in subsequent calls. And your possibilities to achieve one will increase. Do you want to have more details on this promotion? Trust the "Find out" section of the Bingo digital game. To facilitate navigation between the contents of the platform is the bar located in the upper part of the initial page. From there, in fact, you can access the following subsections: "Play", "Chronology", "Promotions", "Bingo salt", "Chatta and Vinci", "Discover", "Palinsesto", "New rules" and "winners"By choosing "play" you will immediately be catapulted into the Bingo adrenaline. The situation of the different rooms in real time will be presented on the following page. The peculiarity of this page is represented by the fact of presenting, in addition to the rooms where it is possible to participate only with "real money", those that provide for the use of "virtual money". Before pointing real money, therefore, nothing will prevent you from testing your relationship with luck by entering the room dedicated to "demo" mode. Obviously, not aiming for money, the combinations will not give rise to cash winnings, and this will mean training and having fun in total relaxation. Reading what is reported in "new rules", however, each user will obtain information regarding the regulatory news of the Bingo, divided into "rules of the bingo", "minimum number of players" and "rules of determination and assignment of winnings".

Rooms and tournaments available on Digital Game Bingo

By dedicating himself to Bingo since 2009, digital game has gained great experience on the subject, coming to offer members a not indifferent number of salt. To differentiate them with each other, in particular, 3 elements: cost of folders, maximum number of folders that can be purchased and type (and assignment frequency) of the jackpot. There are 6 rooms available: Andromeda, Rubino, Day, Diamante, USA and sapphire. In the "Andromeda" room the cost of the folders is between 1 and 5 cents, and you can buy a maximum of 60 per game. Jackpot fixed and Jackpot One are planned: one per hour between 9pm and 24. The "ruby" room, for its part, is characterized by folders of 2 different cuts, respectively of 10 and 50 cents (you can buy maximum 180) and for fixed and "one" jackpot offered throughout the day. The "Day" room offers 10 cents folders (also in this case is 180 the maximum number that can be purchased) and sees the assignment between 11 and 1 at night, with an hourly basis, of a Super Jackpot Gold. In the "diamond" room of digital game bingo the folders cost 50 cents, and you can choose 60 per game. The jackpot is given every 7 minutes between 10 and 2 at night. We now come to the last two rooms. If "USA" requires an investment from 1 to 10 cents per folder (the maximum boundable limit is 2000), with extractions every 7 minutes and a Jackpot One of 250 $, the "sapphire" represents a traditional tombola room. The draws here take place every 7 minutes, starting at 17.30 and ending at 3 am; The cost of the folders is 10 cents (with 15 max folders per game). Several room in the room, in digital bingo game, are also the opening and closing times, with two rooms ("ruby" and "emerald", which remain active 24 hours a day). The "Bingo salt" section, in addition to presenting the schedule, illustrates the rules of the game. The number of "ordinary" prizes also changes in theaters. The boxes are "filled" when the corresponding number is extracted. In addition to Ambo, Terno, Quaterna and Cinquina, premiums for the combinations "A line" can be awarded in the rooms (all the boxes of the same line are filled), "two lines" (in this case the boxes of two whole are filled lines), "three lines" and "four lines". But the most interesting combination, after the "bingo", is the "binghetto".

The latter takes place when all the boxes of a folder are filled and the bingo has already been assigned in a previous extraction. Reference folders must be different. A peculiarity of the Bingo digital game rooms is the presence of matches with "double" prizes, that is, characterized by two prizes of the same type. The second prize can only be won after the first assignment of the first. Some rooms, for example, include Cinquina and Cinquina 2, two lines and two lines 2. Obviously, the combination of boxes must be different. We highlighted in the first lines as a digital game Bingo was one of the first operators to invest in the Bingo. In reality, a further record is up to digital game: having created a bingo chat. What differentiates it from a common chat? In addition to allowing players to communicate with each other during the games, it acts as a support for users who suddenly find themselves in the presence of some difficulties during the games. But to have convinced more and more registered to take part in the Bingo digital game chat were the so -called "chat games". Among the funniest are the "Trivial Café", the music game entitled "Karaoke", the one dedicated to mathematics enthusiasts called "Mathematically" and the "speaking", based on the American dictionary. By visiting the "Chat and Vinci" section you can scroll the list of games available at a certain moment, and the related rules.

Bonus Available on Digital Game Bingo

The Bingo digital game platform has not skimpped efforts even in the erarchire interesting bonuses. For example, the welcome bonus is aimed at new members. To obtain it, a user is required to register for the portal, send a copy of a valid identification document and proceed with a top -up of at least 10 $. Keep in mind that the latter must be carried out within 7 days from the moment of creating the game account; To deposit you can use any payment method, except for Monybookers, Neteller and Skrill. The top -up will lead to the assignment of a bonus equal to 50% of the value of the payment, up to a maximum of 50 $. One half of the bonus will be assigned immediately, and automatically. The residual part, however, will be issued to verify the identity document. Then you can spend what is obtained in the form of a bonus in any of the Bingo digital game rooms, provided that this happens within 30 days of the accreditation. The regulation provides that the bonus, and any winnings deriving from the same, are the subject of a play before being able to proceed with the relative withdrawal. Those who want to always have under control the situation relating to bonuses has an important reference point in the "current bonus" game account section. One of the most curious bonuses that you can find on the Bingo digital game platform is the Bingoal. By playing only one euro, Bingoal will give you the opportunity to kick a punishment, choosing one of the two balls located outside the penalty area. Based on the goodness of your shot, and the result achieved, you will be recognized a different bonus; It goes from a minimum of 5 folders to a cash bonus of 10 $. And if you manage to kick an effect punishment, like the great football champions, the expected bonus will be 10% of the game (up to a maximum of 10 $). How to participate? Log in the game account, play 1 euro in one of the rooms, select the page dedicated to the promo and kick the punishment, then accept the bonus.

Bingo Digital Game Deposit And Setwospers

Digital Game Bingo wanted to guarantee registered users to the platform wide possibility of choice as regards the methods of deposit and withdrawal. In detail, credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Visa Electron), Postepay, Paypal, Moneybookers, Paysafecard, Clickandbuy, Neteller, Skrill, bank transfer, Epay and GD Card are accepted. And maximum. In the case of top -up on the account with Paypal, for example, a minimum limit of 10 $ is provided, while the withdrawal (which can be carried out without transaction costs) has a minimum limit of 30 $ and a maximum of 5,000 $. The credit on the PayPal account will take place within 24 hours. By opting for postepay the expected minimum top -up is 10 $, the maximum of 70,000; Visa samples must instead go through Postepay. The minimum amount of top -up with bank transfer is 10 $; the maximum one was established in 75,000 $. The credit will not take place immediately, as it will be necessary from 1 to 4 working days. If Neteller has a minimum limit and maximum of 10 and 1000 $ respectively, Paysafecard provides a minimum of 5 $.

Bingo digital game and mobile devices

There are 3 mobile apps that Bingo digital game makes available to users: if the first is reserved for poker, the second concerns bets, while the third has a bingo as its object. The three apps have been designed for both Android and iOS (therefore for devices produced by Apple). If it is true that Bingo digital game allows you to play from mobile also by downloading the relative software directly from the official website, it must be considered that proceeding with the download of the app, and subsequent installation, can prove to be very interesting. The operator, in fact, is used to reserve for those who play from mobile bonuses and exclusive promotions.

Final considerations on Bingo digital game

In order to provide a valid judgment on a specific portal dedicated to gambling, it is essential to examine Gaming Experience. And from this point of view, Bingo digital game does not disappoint. The platform is intuitive, and has a division into sections, rich in information. The same can be said of the mobile version, which does not present any problems at the level of fluidity and content. To a clean graphics, which focuses on essentiality rather than "special effects", they are joined by immediate game features. The 6 rooms offered by Digital Game Bingo, thanks to opening hours, cost (and value) of the different folders, allow any user to find the "table" tailor -made to which to get involved. The assistance service is also of good level, which can be ed from the initial page: the section, called "" is located in the lower part, on the right. By clicking on the FAQ section, divided into: "Promotions and bonuses", "Casino", "Shape", "Account and verification data", "Access to the account", "Sports betting rules", "Poker", " Make a payment "," impossible to play "," responsible game "," Bingo "and" Other ". By selecting a certain section, a series of questions will appear, complete with answers, regarding the main elements of the Bingo game. Alternatively, you can the Bingo digital game assistance directly by filling out a special form, or by sending an email.

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