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Site: Eurobet Casino
Software: NetEnt
Bonus: $1005 + 30 Giri
Bonus code: Already included
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General characteristics of Eurobet Casino

Eurobet Casino is among the best known and most appreciated online platforms ever, also because it is linked by double wound to what can be considered as the home of Gambling online, England. In fact, Eurobet was founded in 1995 and is proposed to be the first online center of sports betting dedicated to the English players. Immediately incorporated into the Coral group, Eurobet reaches the American peninsula in 2006 by offering players a platform that encloses the possibility of making sports bets online and at the same time playing the mess on the web.

Eurobet Casino, as well as them one of the American online casino more loved, it is configured as a safe and fun place Inside which to try their luck, also thanks to a cutting -edge security system, through which the company secure the data and users of users. The fun of Eurobet Casino is instead signed by Playtech, a world leader in the development of truly innovative and in some ways also revolutionaries.

The portal to which you will have access to after the registration is complete and made in order to give you the feeling of not being only in the moment of need, also thanks to an instant messaging service to which operators respond every day from 8:30 to midnight less one fourth. Obviously, you will not have any difficulty in accessing the Eurobet Casino platform: the only indispensable thing is the internet connection, through which you can already play the Eurobet Casino or bet on anything that comes to your mind.

Eurobet software can also be downloaded to PC To simplify access and avoid the flash connection to the games available inside the casino area. Intuitive is the inscription, just as the deposit is very quick, which can be carried out by means of a wide range of payment methods. One of the Trovings of Eurobet Casino, and of the platform in general, then concerns the withdrawals that are secured by a PIN code associated with the game account. Safety also corresponds to speed: the withdrawal is processed within 24 hours.

Games available on Eurobet Casino

The fun within Eurobet Casino is insured, both for the variety of games and variants available, and for the possibility of winning, verified by AAMS itself, and equal to 95% compared to the played games, far higher than, for example to physical slots, whose percentage instead stops at 75%.

Eurobet Casino, just to diversify its game offer to the maximum, uses two further game versions, one by Luxor, the other Vegas. The Slot Machines of the Eurobet Casino Luxor have the IGT software and follow, in all respects, the slot machines available at the Royal Casino rooms or even those in VTL. Always of IGT there are many videopoker and some versions of roulette for a total number of 50 games.

In a lower number than the Luxor section is that of Vegas, who signs some videopoker, a few dozen arcade games and finally two slots. The actual section of Eurobet Casino, instead contains all the games produced by Playtech: arcade, card games, roulettes, blackjacks, videopoker and slot machines are innumerable, so much so as to make the permanence on the platform always surprising and never boring. Let's see together in detail all the games available.

Bonus available on Eurobet Casino

The bonuses present on Eurobet Casino are divided, as happens for any other type of platform, in welcome bonuses and bonuses dedicated to all players enrolled for some time. The Welcome bonus obtainable at Eurobet Casino is the 300 euro Welcome Bonus, which is granted when the game account is activated and the first payment is made.

il Maximum online casino bonus, equal to $ 300, corresponds to an crediting equal to the value of the first deposit: this means that for each sum less or equal to $ 300, an equivalent bonus is paid, while for a deposit greater than $ 300, 300 $ will be credited to the account in any case null

The "7 days bonus" is added to the welcome bonus A bonus calculated based on the episodes made by you in the Vegas/Luxor section in the previous week. Every $ 50 passive is attributed one euro: the liability is calculated by subtracting the final balance of each week from the initial one. You can receive every week up to a maximum of $ 50. Always playing within the Vegas/Luxor section, it is possible to participate in another prize competition, the one that concerns roulette.

All those who play roulette inside the Vegas/Luxor sections can participate in the climb of a ranking, whose prize pool is equal to $ 2,500. The points to access the ranking accumulates just playing roulette: every euro played attributes a valid point for the ranking. The roulette to play in order to participate in this competition are: European roulette!, Roulettera, Classic Roulette, European roulette, Global Roulette, 3 Wheel Roulette, Double Bonus Spin ... Roulette, Triple Bonus and Spin ... Roulette.

Deposits and withdrawals on Eurobet Casino

After opening a game account on Eurobet Casino you can, as we said, immediately take advantage of the welcome bonus offered to the first deposit. In a perfect line with the provisions of the AAMS guidelines, Eurobet Casino does not include deposits exceeding $ 1,000.

To deposit money on Eurobet Casino you can select one of a multiplicity of money transfer methods, from Mastercard credit cards, to those of credit or debt of the Visa circuit. There is also the possibility of using prepaid cards, such as Postepay or the most specific Paysafecard and Rechargeable Eurobet, but also the Neteller, Paypal and Skrill accounts. If you don't have a credit or prepaid card, you can also deposit money by bank transfer, onshop and postal bulletin.

Eurobet casino on mobile devices

Eurobet Casino was one of the first Gambling platforms to allow access to the game also from mobile devicesnull The importance that Eurobet Casino has given over the years to the mobile game is confirmed by the presence on the official page of the portal, of a section dedicated to those who intend to begin to exploit mobility to have fun and spend some time playing an online casino null

From smartphones and tablets, access is very simple and intuitive. Even those who want to start playing directly from the furniture without going through access from PC have the right to the welcome bonus and there are, periodically, promotions strictly dedicated to players on the move.

To play you just have to download the app from the Android or iOS store: once installed, just enter your access data and you will be inside the game system. Deposit and withdrawals can also be made by the smartphone or tablet, using the payment systems you have selected during the registration of the platform.

What we think of Eurobet Casino

Playing and having fun: when you think about Eurobet Casino, above all these two goals are in mind; They were absolutely achievable results, not only thanks to the intuitiveness of the game in browser and via client on PC, but also from smartphones and tablets. But if the fun seems to be everything it is essential to take into account other characteristics that we can say there is no lack of at all at Eurobet Casino. Playing on the web must, in fact, be sure, and with Eurobet security is not lacking.

Percentages of verified and transparent winnings, and sensitive data put in the safe by a truly efficient security system, have guaranteed us fun without surprises.

The fluidity of the game, the recognizable and distinctive graphics and all the promotions dedicated to subscribers, now seem to have given birth to a real family, that of Eurobet casino fans, retired and unwilling to give up one of the most established Gambling operators in the network.

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