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Site: SWai Pool
Software: Playtech
Bonus: $ 1050 on 300%
Bonus code: Already included
AAMS license: And


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General features of Snai Poker

As with all the other legal and equipped AAMS license online casinos, we provide you with a complete overview on the website of the Snaitech group dedicated to poker. The most famous card game takes place on desktop and mobile in different ways. The most loved and widespread among the players is Texas Hold'em, but there are also Omaha and other variants. You can play on Snai Poker both from desktop and from Mobile. Like any other platform of this type, access is allowed to adults who present a valid identity document and all the legal requirements are respected. Discover with us at Casinoonlineams.com all the characteristics, the game methods, the information on security, the payments and the apps that allow you to play games and tournaments in full compliance with the law. Snai Poker is the section dedicated to the poker of one of the best known and used platforms in the world of American online Gambling, as well as one of the easiest to use. Snai Poker is one of the most famous Gambling platforms, known in USA also and above all thanks to the spread of the physical gaming rooms where it is also possible to play slots, bet on various sporting events, etc. The online version of the poker managed by Snai follows precise procedures and is one of the safer and most reliable AAMS platforms. Snai Poker is in fact of the first company (moreover listed in Piazza Affari) to have obtained the license and for this reason still today collects new passionate players every day. The offer of games, mode and tournaments is at the same time one of the richest and one of the most intuitive to be used in the world of online poker. You can choose between a game on the web and one via download on desktops or Mac devices, or on app for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. From the Betting Company website you can directly access the Snai Poker section and from there choose whether to continue on the browser or download the client. This happens simply by clicking on the "Download" orange button, clearly visible on the web page. The .exe file will be downloaded on the PC and can be installed with a simple double click. Once the installation is finished, access with your data or create a new account on Snai Poker and start exploring the poker room. The interface of the game platform remains almost the same, whether you choose to play on client, on browser or on the mobile app (we will explain the details of the latter in the appropriate paragraph). Remember that your nickname, or the name that identifies you at the game table, cannot be changed once you have chosen. Instead you can change every time you want the image of Avatar that will appear next to your name as you play your games and tournaments.

Tables and tournaments available on Snai Poker

Once you register or access Snai Poker, you can interact with the Home and choose from here tables, lobbies and tournaments to play. Each table presents its own characteristics: maximum number of players; game mode; Poker structure. You can filter the tables available according to these parameters and choose your favorite to start playing. Once this is done, click on "Sign up now" or "Take a place".

The different game modes on Snai Poker are:

But why is Snai Poker so loved by American players? There are some tournaments that have become real fixed events for online gaming enthusiasts. These have precise deadlines, in particular days and times, and are those that bring the largest traffic on the Snai Poker website. Here are some that you can mark on the calendar to play at the most convenient times.

In addition to daily games, the extraordinary events of Sunday are passionate about Snai Poker users. The last day of the week is in fact dedicated to tournaments of the "Sunday training" category. Here the winnings increase considerably, and this is why many players prefer to use their game credit in this type of games. If the rules and times are more or less the same as the other midweek days, the prize pool increases also reaching $ 30,000 in the highly followed Explosive Sunday tournament, the richest on the platform.

Bonus available on Snai Poker

The Snai Poker platform offers your homage bonus and token users that allow you to increase the possibility and duration of the game. Among these, the tokens, a sort of tokens with which to participate free of charge both in the planned tournaments and in those in Sit mode 'n' n '. Generic tokens are called those who provide a specific buy-in-in-itken are those that can only be used in freeroll tournaments (i.e. the free ones). You can acquire new tokens by winning the freeroll tournaments, participating in the missions or when Snai decides to launch a promotion for its subscribers. The missions are particular promotions that, once the designated purpose has been achieved, make you acquire token, special prizes and PSP (i.e. poker Snai Points). New missions are launched on the platform. You can choose the one for you based on the goal to be achieved and the expected compensation and follow the trend of your skills from the homonymous section in the game lobby. Another way you can increase your game credit is through the progressive welcome bonus. This is disbursed in Scaglioni based on the accumulation of status points that you get by playing in tournaments of any type in real mode. The bonus credit on your account takes place within 72 hours from registration to a tournament or from the game to a cash table with real money. It is valid 60 days and you can check the extent and expiry from the section my account - bonus. The progressive increase of your status within the SNAI platform takes place by climbing the VIP levels. They are 5 per month and 2 per year and make you go prestigious starting automatically from level 1. As you accumulate points higher levels of play and, consequently, increase the calculation multiplier of the PSPs.

Deposits and withdrawals on Snai Poker

Depositing and taking money through the Snai Poker platform is possible in different ways. You can use a Visa, Mastercard, or Postepay credit card, or choose modes such as PayPal, a transfer, a postal order or a Snai card. What is it? The Snai Card is available for Snai players of all kinds (therefore not only for those who sit at poker tables). This prepaid card allows you to keep under control and easily manage your account at the Gambling company. You can request it both in physical agencies and online, filling in the respective form, by sending a valid identity document and indicating a maximum share to be deposited weekly. Once obtained, your Snai Card is nominal. You cannot sell it or lend it to another player and you can manage your account freely with all the means mentioned above. If you are little familiar with the management of an online account, go to an Snai store with an identification document and let yourself be helped to activate it. If, on the other hand, you want to withdraw from your gaming account, the procedure is simple: access your account section. Click on the "withdrawal" item and select the mode you prefer between credit card, Postepay, Skrill, bank transfer etc. Always remember that the site bonuses are not taken.

Snai Poker and mobile devices

If you want to play the green table wherever you are, the best method is to use a portable device. It can be a smartphone or tablet of any brand. The Snai website is mobile-friendly and contains exactly the same properties and functions of what you visit as a desktop. If, on the other hand, you prefer to download the app, you can find it both on the Apple Store and on Google Play and the other Android stores. The app works on any device, you can access you through your pre-set nickname or create a new account and start playing immediately. Remember that the game tables are called lobby on the Snai Poker app. Both iOS and Android support all the online casino game modes and allow you to receive bonuses, load and withdraw real money etc.

Final considerations on Snai Poker

Snai Poker is considered one of the safest platforms in USA, and it is certainly also among the best known. Passionate and newbies of chips sit at the virtual tables with the possibility of winning thousands of $. We at playgambling.org We agree. Here are some reasons why we appreciate this videogame platform:

Ultimately, if you are looking for a way to play online with a reliable and recognized company at national level and beyond, Snai can be the right one for you. The numerous game modes and the cashless tournaments that allow the least accustomed to train before sitting at the highest prestige tables are also appreciable.

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