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General characteristics of 888 poker

Even today it is one of the gambling games to enjoy the greatest number of fans: we are talking about poker. A pastime that has gone through generations with unchanged charm, and that has managed to earn the esteem and affection from the youngest also thanks to its virtual version. If you have never considered the idea of ​​participating in some online game, choosing 888 poker you will certainly be to live an engaging and fun experience trying, why not, to make the time invested online profitable. 888 Poker is now a leading brand in the field of online poker. The presence on the AAMS brand platform does nothing but certify how 888 poker operates in our country in a legal way and, consequently, safe. The objective of the operator, since his advent in the world of gambling, was to give users the best possible experience, even in live. The success achieved allowed 888 poker to become an official sponsor of the famous "World Series of Poker". To favor his candidacy was certainly the fact of being able to have a software capable of distinguishing himself for intuitiveness and functionality. Another strong point of poker room is the choice to regularly propose several bonuses. By registering you will have the opportunity to play with the main variants of the most famous card game in the world, with tournaments dedicated to Texas Hold'em, 7 Card Stud and Omaha. Alternatively, you can dedicate yourself to the "sit & go" game mode or to the cash tables. The numerous options allow any type of player, beginner or expert, to find the table in which to test knowledge and ambitions. In order to play with 888 poker, all you have to do is install the game software for free, or download the app for smartphones and tablets, fully functional both with Android and with iOS. Are you wondering what needed to register? Nothing so complicated, as it is sufficient to enter the section of the site called "How to register" to obtain exhaustive information on the matter. Inside, in fact, a guide appears that guides the users step by step towards registration. In summary, you will be invited to click on the virtual button "Register", and to enter your personal data, and access. At the same time you will have to scan an identity document, and send it to the operator. Received the confirmation email from 888 poker you can finally log in and start your experience at the tables. The platform allows players to also access other products; In addition to poker room you will find sections dedicated to casino lovers and sporting events. In one of the next paragraphs we will also examine the welcome bonus in detail, a promotion aimed at new subscribers for which no deposit is required, and variable based on the chosen section.

Tables and tournaments available on 888 poker

Previously it was indicated that the game software presented by 888 poker is characterized by the great variety of available tables. In addition to the aforementioned tables dedicated to Texas Hold'em, Seven Card Stud and Omaha you will find the heads up, and other tables intended for Knockout events. A particularly rich and high quality schedule. Among all the versions present is the Texas Hold'em who enjoyed the utmost attention from the public. It is no coincidence that the most widespread poker mode in the world. If, while appreciating it, you have always considered the "fast" games more stimulating, it will be the Snap Poker (also available in the Omaha and Texas Hold'em variants) to surprise you, with its waiting times minimized and the possibility of joining of another table in case of retreat. The "Sit & Go" tournaments (also known with the SNG abbreviation) can be defined as a particular form of tournaments whose start automatically takes place to achieve a minimum threshold of players. Very popular, in this area, are the games with a number of participants between 6 and 9 users. To make SNG tournaments thus intriguing is the fact that the game modes are not fixed, varying according to the type of tournament ("Bounty", "Knockout" and "Direct elimination" are the most common), of speed (it is possible Take part in "turbo" or "superurb" tournaments) and the number of players. As for the speed, the games generally end in a period of time between 30 and 60 minutes. They therefore represent an optimal choice on 888 poker for those who want to train in view of more "demanding" tournaments. An exclusive game mode is the "Blast" tournament, a "Sit & Go" of the SuperTurbo category that sees 3 players at work, providing for a "random" prize pool and a jackpot whose value can reach 10,000 times that of the buy-inHow is the prize pool decided? The amount is closely linked to the multiplier revealed before the start of the game, once all the players have finished recording. Another peculiar element of the blast is the presence of a countdown. When the weather expires the players involved will go "all-in" until the final winner determine. The duration of the games does not generally exceed 12 minutes and, in some cases, the winner is proclaimed in just 2 minutes. Why play Blast tournaments on 888 poker? To get the opportunity to receive extra bonuses. At certain periods, the platform assigns surprise bonuses (up to an amount of 10,000 $) to those who are able to win a certain number of blast over a day.

Bonus available on 888 poker

We now come to the bonuses, an element of fundamental importance for any virtual platform dedicated to gambling. The bonuses are the element that more than any other attracts the attention of fans, pushing them to enroll in one specific online room at the expense of another. 888 Poker has invested many resources in this area, proposing bonuses to both new subscribers and more faithful users. The first promotion to deserve attention is the 8 euro bonus assigned without a user to make any charging. How to get it? To receive the indicated amount you will simply complete the registration procedure. In reality, the recognition of the bonus takes place in 2 phases. If 4 $ are actually released by 888 poker at the moment of registration (2 $ as cash and 2 $ in the form of tickets), the 4 $ residues will appear (with 4 tickets of 1 euro each) in your game account at the time of the validation of the same. In order for the account to be validated, you will have to have sent a copy of a valid identity document online. The bonus just described can be used at will both in the tables that host the cash game and in the tournaments mtt. You will thus be able to test the goodness of 888 poker without any investment. The welcome offer does not end up here. Indeed, the interesting part provides for a 100% bonus on the value of the first deposit on the gaming account, up to a maximum of 1,500 $. Compared with the welcome bonuses issued by most American poker rooms, this promotion stands out for its generosity. Given the high amount of this 888 poker bonus, the relative crediting is not carried out in a single solution, providing for the division of the bonus itself into small installments of 10 $. In deposit made, you will be invited to play (free to choose between poker cash, poker in tournament mode and, if desired, casino games) to earn points. Keep in mind that the contribution in the form of points will be different in case in case, and that every 135 accumulated points you will receive 10 $. Remember: you will have a maximum of 90 days from the payment to try to accumulate as many points as possible. The speech relating to the bonuses assigned to the new subscribers has been exhausted, the time has come to focus on what 888 poker has designed for those who are already recorded on the platform. Loyalty is rewarded by using a special program, called "888 Club", which provides for a "missions" system. Users, having completed a level, will be able to move on to the next one and, in this way, will be entitled to even more generous awards. The missions do not assign the same number of points and, in several cases, it is not necessary to complete them to start receiving them. The time available to complete each mission is also varying. But, reached a new level, what do you actually get? A prize in "Golden Gettoni", and the possibility of taking part in other missions. You can use the tokens to redeem the prizes, in turn spent on the 888 poker platform such as tickets or bonuses.

Deposits and withdrawals on 888 poker

In recent years, the birth of new payment systems, increasingly faster and safer, has led online gaming houses to take action to expand the methods accepted for payments and withdrawals from the players. Being able to make deposits and withdraw what won by betting, with the certainty of not jeopardizing what has been earned, it is a focal factor for any player and, in particular, for those who still consider security today one of the weak points of the online platforms. By subscribing to 888 poker you will have a good variety of methods, and you will surely find the one most in line with your needs. To deposit on the game account you can choose between "credit card (and debt) Visa", "Bank transfer", "Postepay", "Paypal", "ApplePay", "Postepay", "Entropay", "Neteller", " Skrill "," Mastercard "," Paysafecard "and" Sofort Banking ". The methods just indicated are also accepted to withdraw the winnings, with the exception of "Mastercard", "Paysafecard" and "Sofort Banking". At this point, a clarification regarding withdrawals is appropriate. In order to proceed, in fact, it is necessary to have completed the registration procedure on 888 poker, including the sending of the copy of an identity document (identity card, license or passport), to be carried out within 30 days of registration.

888 Poker and mobile devices

The apps represent one of the biggest news in the online Gambling sector of recent times. Thanks to the applications, in fact, the platforms have approached the needs of the new generations, and the needs of an increasingly faster and focused society at work. Numerous poker fans have welcomed with pleasure the possibility of playing from smartphones or tablets, perhaps taking advantage of a cigarette pause or a few free minute waiting for a work appointment. 888 Poker certainly did not hold back, making available to users a mobile app suitable for all operating systems, Android and iOS in the first place. You will simply have to enter the Android play sotre or the App Store, download the application and install it to your mobile phone. By doing so you can play at any time, without being tied to the PC. If you wish, you can also download from the 888 poker official website, entering the "Download" section. Install the file on your mobile device, to start having fun in poker you will have to log in. At that point the app will be ready to be used. And from the application, if you want it, you will also have the opportunity to select one of the other sections of 888. Another important aspect of the 888 poker app is the possibility of personalizing it according to tastes and style of play. In this regard, a series of "avatars" are available, and this will allow you to take part in games and tournaments represented by your "virtual stunting". To make the game environment even more familiar are the options concerning the appearance of the table and the cards used during the games. If you have some experience in the world of poker you will find to your liking, in the app conceived by 888 poker, the presence of different tools to refine your strategies. Finally, through the app, users have the opportunity to challenge other members in private rooms, using any device.

Final considerations on 888 poker

Why is 888 poker deemed, by many fans, one of the best poker rooms on the market? First of all for the care reserved for the platform, intuitive and at the same time "attractive". To access it, simply connect to the official website, taking advantage of its Java version or opting for the downloadable version. If the number of subscribers places 888 poker at the top of its market segment, the merit is also attributable to the fluidity of the platform and the numerous game options. The excellent variety of the tables and tournaments offered also applause. And the fact that among the registered users there is a large number of poker experts does nothing but increase the level of games. But also those who have recently approached the fascinating world of poker are destined to remain fully satisfied, also taking advantage of the guides and suggestions present among the pages of the site. From the safety point of view, 888 poker benefits, as well as the AAMS brand, of the "Safe Game" certificate issued by the General Direction of Game Management. Positive judgment also for the assistance service. To it you will have to access the relative section, or seek the answer to your doubts in the FAQs, a section in which automatic responses provided by the assistance itself appear, divided according to the category.

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