Peppa - information and rules for playing

Peppa is a very funny card game that can be considered among the most popular not only in USA but also in countries like France, where it is known by the name of chat noir and the United States where it is known as Hearts. The American game of Peppa provides rules that may vary according to the regions in which it is played, in fact there are variants such as Peppa Tencia (Peppa Scura) played mainly in Lombardy and the slippery Peppa (also called Filippa) in the Rome area. In this guide, we at Casinoonlineams.com, we intend to illustrate the best known game mode compared to the others and we will refer to the rules adopted by the Turin "Circolo della Peppa" and by those circles that practice the most popular version. The game It will allow you to spend a fun evening both in brick and online casinos: reading it will know how the game takes place, how the score is calculated and what is the best way to face the game.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of Peppa

You will discover that in Online casino without free deposit You can experience unique emotions and have fun as if you were around a table, trying, however, a little more adrenaline. This American game boasts ancient origins but also the French and American versions have debuts that can be placed distant over time. The great success of Hearts, the American version online, was in the nineties: the game, in fact, was included in the Windows operating system of the PC where it was available until 2012. The French game chat noir, however, arrived in USA at the end of the Second World War, a period in which the name has been Americanized in black cat. Thinking about the Card game of Peppa, at this point, you will wonder what it is or who is Peppa (also called a length): more It is that the queen of spades, dangerous paper if you want to win the game. Basically it is a game of sockets that uses a 52 cards deck in which not only you will not have to take the spaded woman but not even the cards of hearts. The player wins who, based on the calculations of a specific table, has scored the minor scores. The rules that we will exhibit in the next paragraph apply to the terrestrial casinos, for online casinos and for most of the clubs in which the game of classic peppa is practiced.

Instructions to play Peppa

As was previously exposed, the Peppa game requires the use of a 52 cards and the presence of 4 players. The role of the Mazziere is to distribute 13 cards to the players who, after watching them, will take three to pass them covered in the neighbor located on their right: this passage of cards will have to take place at the same time for everyone. In summary this means that you will give three cards to those who play on your right and you will receive three from the player to your left. After this passage the first player (the one who sits on the right of the Mazziere) plays a card of his choice and the other players are required to answer a card of the same seed. If you don't have cards from the same seed you can go down a different one but this will not allow you to win your hand. Once the 4 cards have been fallen by the 4 players, two possibilities can come true: if you have dropped the card of the same seed of the first hand and this is higher than all of them you will have won the cards. If, on the other hand, your card is the highest but it is not of the seed of hand, you will not be able to do it. The next hand is started by the player who made the grip: he will choose to play a card to taste and the game can be considered finished when the players no longer have cards to play. Once the game is finished, the winner is established by drawing up a ranking: whoever totaled the lower score among all the players present wins, that is, those who have made the greatest number of sockets and have accumulated the lower value as negative points.

The points of the any bets, are calculated on the basis of the value of the cards that correspond to 13 points for Peppa in the game, 5 points for the ace of hearts, 4 points for the king of hearts, 3 points for the woman of hearts, 2 points for The hearten of hearts is 1 point for any other heart paper. The cards of other seeds are worth 0 points. You can happen to make a coat: this happens when you have all the hearts of hearts and peppa. In this case, 36 points will be assigned to other players while you will have 0 points. The situation will be subverted as follows: the dangerous maps that can make you lose become the winning ones but only if you use them in the combination described. Finally, it recalls that the player who totals more than 100 points loses but also loses the player with the score closest to 100, even if the latter has not yet made 100. With a similar reasoning the winners will be both the player and It makes the lowest score is the one that totaled the second lowest score. About the rules we want to add one thing again: some game modes provide slightly different principles. For example, at the beginning of the hand the exchange of the three cards can take place first with the left player, then with the right one and, finally, with the one in front. The scores that attribute 60 points to the Peppa, 50 to the ace of hearts, 40 to the king of hearts, 30 to the Queen of Hearts, 20 to the Hearts of Hearts and then 10 points to the cards 7, 8, 9 and 10 of hearts are also different. and 5 points to 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of hearts. The other cards are worth 0 points. In this variant the player loses if he exceeds 1000 points.

Peppa game in online casinos

The best online casino are those with AAMS license and for Mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet: In these virtual places you can have fun, in a legal and transparent way, selecting the cards of Peppa's card. That is, you can give yourself the playful parenthesis in authorized sites that protect you. What perhaps you don't know is that while Hearts, as we said previously, is a very popular skill game that has been present for years also in the virtual form, the game of Peppa has landed on national sites in decidedly more recent times. Although this game has been present online only for a few years, there are many enthusiasts who have fun trying to make minimal scores and trying to avoid the woman of spades and the equally dangerous cards of hearts. As you can imagine the game in the casino allows you various options, in fact not only can you play money, and possibly get a profit, but you can also participate in free tournaments in which to practice without any economic loss in case of defeat. Once the rules have been known, you can decide to process game strategies through scheduled tournaments that take place at specific times, or you can choose to participate in Sit and Go games in which you will start playing just the table with the 4 players will have formed.

Another advantage of online casino is the possibility of taking part in the freeroll tournaments where you can win the Bonus At stake and use them in play with real money. As for the distribution of the cards, as you can guess, in online casinos it is made by the software while the players with whom you will measure yourself, will be the users who connect to participate in the game of Peppa. The last point of this paragraph wants to underline the excellent graphics that will make your game even more captivating online but also the presence of many related players and the certainty of randomness in the distribution of the cards. Finally, remember that some casinos use the name Hearts also for the game of Peppa: in these cases standard rules are planned.

Play peppa in online casinos from mobile devices

The game of cards is passionate about children and the possibility of taking a moment of relaxation on the day is definitely tempting. From your smartphone you can have fun at the game of Peppa by connecting to Online casino with AAMS authorization: Obviously you can also do it from the tablet if you prefer a larger display. You can access you with an app that you can download from the casino page or, if you prefer, from the App Store: as an alternative you can connect through the browser. Navigability is excellent as on the PC and payment systems are equally safe. As for safety, you don't have to fear, in fact both the site optimized for the furniture and the applications are authorized by AAMS. Furthermore, playing Peppa Dal Mobile will allow you to get specific bonuses, dedicated to those who choose to play on the move. With the creation of your account you can start having fun very quickly: with the right strategies, your ability and a pinch of luck the winnings will also be yours also from the mobile device.

Tips to play the Peppa better

Peppa's game is a game of skill in which, however, luck also puts the hand in terms of the cards you receive. As we said, it is a game of sockets that includes penalties if you stay with hearts or peppa cards. But what are the strategies that allow you to win? Meanwhile, it is important to remember that the victory belongs to the one who has the least score at the end of the game and, therefore, the strategies that you will have to develop according to the case, must keep this rule in mind. If the fate has made sure that you all have hearts of hearts and maybe even the peppa (woman of spades), instead of thinking of discarding the cards for which you would have a high score (and therefore you would be penalized) change your strategy and Do you think you can make a coat: in this case you will have zero points and the players 36.

Another suggestion is to always pass the cards with negative scores, even if it may seem like a beginner attitude, remember that the cards that will have passed from the player to your left will almost certainly be high: so you would risk having too many cards with negative values null Giving further suggestions is not easy but knowing that alliances can be created between the players precisely based on the rule that those who have exceeded 100 points loses but drags into the defeat also the player who has the score closest to 100. Finally, he remembers To memorize the uncovered cards: when they are taken from the player that has dropped the highest card you will know that they are no longer at stake. Remembering the cards will thus help you manage your play more aware.