Superenalotto - information and rules for playing

The name "Superenalotto" was assigned to a lottery capable of conquering gambling enthusiasts especially thanks to its incredibly rich winnings. In particular, first category prizes are able to reach tens of millions of $. Born as "autonomous" lottery in 2009, previously the Superenalotto was inextricably linked to the numbers extracted on specific lotto wheels. It is precisely since 2009 that the extraction of the 6 winning numbers is carried out separately, while taking place in conjunction with that of the lot. To win at Superenalotto it is necessary that at least 3 of the numbers you chose appear among the extracted numbers. If, by guessing 3 numbers, the amount of the winnings appears somewhat limited (we speak of a few $), things start to become much more interesting already with 4 numbers (you can pocket a few hundred $). The highest prizes occur with the exit of 5 numbers, obtaining a 5+1 (in addition to the 5 numbers, the subject of the extraction will also be the Jolly number, which we will talk about soon) and 6 numbers. The latter event, despite being very rare, normally assigns millionaire winnings, also because it provides for the entry into play of the jackpot.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of the Superenalotto

To have favored the enormous success of the Superenalotto were mainly 2 factors: the simplicity of the game mechanism and the possibility, as we have just had the opportunity to verify, to aspire to extremely generous winnings. The frequency of the draws follows the provisions for the lot. Currently, in fact, there are 3 weekly events (the draws take place on fixed days, that is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) to try their luck. If you want to have fun with an easy and quick game and, why not, try to make your wallet more conspicuous, continue reading to get to know the superenalotto world closely.

Rules for playing Superenalotto

We have already mentioned a few lines ago of the simplicity of the Superenalotto. The superenalotto is easy even if played inside sites that do not require any deposit before playingIn fact, to participate a player is required only to choose numbers between 1 and 90. You can bet both in one of the numerous authorized receivers, now distributed widely throughout the American territory, which opting for an authorized online site. The minimum play has a cost of 1 euro, and has 6 numbers as its object. You will win by guessing at least 2 of the extracted numbers. However, the Superenalotto regulation grants bettors the possibility of adding an additional number, to which the name "Superstar" has been attributed. Guess it will allow you to increase the value of the premiums provided. Keep in mind that, even if no winning sestine number should correspond to the selected ones, already guessing the Superstar number you will be entitled to collect a consolation prize whose amount will be equal to 5 or 10 $. By deepening the information on the "superstar" number, it is necessary to indicate how the latter is not "born" in conjunction with the Superenalotto, appearing only at a later time. It appeared for the first time on March 28, 2006, on the occasion of competition number 37. From the beginning the role assumed by this number is that of the "quota multiplier". By exemplifying, if you happen to guess 3 of the 6 numbers played, the prize due to you will normally be equal to 20 $. But, by guessing the superstar number, the share associated with the 3 numbers will be multiplied by 100, leading the total win to reach 2,000 $. Any combination of Superenalotto has the opportunity to be combined with a superstar.

From what is indicated above, it is evident that the amount of the prizes is linked to the quantity of the numbers guessed, the number of winning coupons and the amount of the prize pool collected. It is important to remember how the winnings of an amount greater than 500 $ are subject to a deduction (applied only to the part exceeding 500 $). But the Superenalotto does not exhaust the assignment of the prizes. Betting can enjoy a further opportunity, namely to obtain immediate winnings of 25 $. The latter occur in the event that the 4 numbers entered in the part of the ticket called "magic square", appear within the combinations subject to the game. The numbers of the magical square are automatically generated at the instant in which you proceed to the game. Obviously, the more you decide to get involved (opting for a higher number of combinations), the greater the chances of obtaining a prize.

Examining the probability of winning the Superenalotto and the various Bonus, immediately emerges as the possibilities of seeing a "6" or a "5+1", that is, of obtaining first or second category prizes, are definitely low if compared with those associated with other types of lotteries. In any case, try not to forget two aspects; The existence of many "minor" prizes and the possibility of making bets by investing decidedly low figures. If the Superstar number is a fundamental element of Superenalotto, the role assumed by the "Jolly" number in this pastime should not be underestimated. This number is extracted from the same urn used to determine the 6 winning numbers (the jolly extraction takes place in the end). What is the Jolly for? To determine the winning combinations belonging to the "5+1" category. The fact of not coming from a separate urn avoids possible duplications of numbers.

Another game mode scheduled for Superenalotto, presented for the first time in 2011, is called "Sivincetutto". What will you have to do to participate? Always choose 12 numbers (always between 1 and 90). What is the element characterizing the Sivince Whole? The fact that the relative prize pool is distributed in its entirety in a single competition. Contrary to what happens in the Superenalotto, in fact, there is no "formation" of any jackpot. And what will happen if none of the bettors were to be able to achieve the maximum score, that is, to guess the 6 winning numbers? In this case, the share assigned to this specific win will end up being redistributed within the other categories provided. Unlike the Superenalotto, the Sivincetutto competition is the subject of a single weekly extraction, carried out on Wednesday. Having the opportunity to play 12 numbers at the same time positively affects the probability of winning, destined to grow considerably.

How to play Superenalotto on online sites

Until a few years ago, deciding to play the Superenalotto meant having to leave the house and reach a receiver, within which to fill out the card to make it valid by the manager. If it is true that the number of agencies has grown over time, it is equally true that it does not always have the necessary time, especially considering that 2 of the 3 draws take place not on the weekend, but in working days. Considering this aspect, the advent of virtual casinos and platforms dedicated to lotteries represented, for many people, an opportunity to be seized on the fly. To participate, simply select a AAMS Authorized Online Casino, and follow the procedure for registration. Once this "preliminary" phase is completed, normally sending the site of an email containing a link is provided, which can be used to activate the account. The game contract will be sent by resorting to a second email. Subscribed the contract itself will have to return it (sending in electronic format is also allowed), as only in this way will you make the game account active. Having made a first payment on the account, the fun may begin. You will find more information on the Superenalotto, and on the legal online casinos that propose it on our Casinoonlineams.com website.

If the main advantage of playing online at Superenalotto, as already mentioned, is the possibility of participating without moving from home, equally comfortable is to verify the outcome of the draws. In fact, the game system, once finished elaborating the game, will notify the possible win with an email. Finally, it deserves to be remembered how it is possible to play the Superenalotto online every day, from 6 in the morning to 11 pm. The only exception to the times indicated takes place in the days dedicated to the draws; On these occasions, in fact, between 19.30 and 20.30 the system will not accept bets (in practice, this occurs in conjunction with the extraction).

Play the Superenalotto online from mobile devices

Play superenalotto relying only on the smartphone, or to a tablet, until recently it appeared as a mere hope, destined to remain disappointed. But the unstoppable success of which the mobile devices were subject to operators active in the world of gambling to operate important investments in this area. Also thanks to the contribution provided by the latest technologies, an app dedicated specifically to Superenalotto was born, called "Superenalotto app". This is this application to allow players to select the numbers (and any superstar number) without being obliged to turn on the PC. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to play at any time of the day, and from anywhere. A moment of tranquility between one commitment and another, or a coffee break, will be the ideal opportunity to attempt luck, distracting itself for a moment from stress. Betting from a mobile device is very simple, and equally simple it is to keep track of the numbers covered by the extraction. After selecting your numbers you just have to touch the touch screen at the validation button. To make the app increasingly used as a user, ensuring an even more engaging game experience, the same has been recently renewed; The graphics and the number of features available were benefited. It is possible to remember the fact that now users have a greater number of combinations, 10. Dedicated to lovers of numbers are several statistics concerning, among others, the late numbers, as well as those extracted several times in recent times.

As for the verification of the draws, once logged in to the site chosen for your bets, focus attention on the "Your cards" section, then enter "Find out if you have won". You can carry out this verification in the event that the bet comes directly from the app. You can also use the application to verify a possible win by playing from a receiver; This is thanks to the "Schend verification" option. Before concluding, we want to remember two other aspects relating to the app. We want to present you a further functionality of the app, which will be useful to you when you do not want to choose the numbers to play, or in the event that the time at your disposal is limited. By selecting "fast play", in fact, the system will directly choose the numbers covered by wagernull Even by activating the "Shake" and "shaking" the smartphone, you will benefit from completely random games. A last aspect of the Mobile Superenalotto which deserves to be considered is the possibility, for users, to recharge the game account directly from their portable device.