Play Six - information and rules for playing

If you are a fan of online games, Play Six is ​​a popular gambling that gives you a lot of satisfaction both as regards the types of games available and for the possibilities to win the jackpot. It is an online lottery in which you get the highest prize by guessing 6 out of 36 numbers: when this happens it conquers the jackpot. The prizes, however, do not end here, in fact Vinci even if 3, 4 or 5 numbers out of 36: the chances of being winning, as you can see, are numerous. If you want to dedicate yourself to this nice pastime you have to know that in the play Six Lottery at each category of winning it corresponds to a specific prize and there is no lack of the possibility of obtaining an award called the instantaneous. The National Total Lightning Game provides for remote collection: this means that you can only play online and not through receivers. The lotteries are safe and legal games that allow you to have fun but this must only happen through AAMS certified sites.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of the Play Six

By playing Play Six you can participate in different draws in the 24 hours (in many schedules of the sites you can find the hours of the draws, the amount of the minimum play, the prize pool and the jackpot) but above all you can choose the type of entertainment you prefer. Play Six provides, in fact, the same matrix that differs in various game modes characterized by different graphics. Beyond the chosen variant, however, the chances of success, the categories of winnings and the jackpots are always the same. As for the chances of winning, I know that they are 1 in 4 for the instant prize and 1 out of 24 for three guests guessed. By increasing the value of the prize, the chances of winning, of course, are less frequent. The cadence of the draws is never fixed and there is an interval of at least one minute between an extraction and the next one. Funny and nice, Play Six is ​​forbidden to minors, like any other gambling, and conquers adult players for several reasons. The first is that the rules are clear and transparent and this is an important guarantee of correctness. No less relevant is the type of entertainment that is declined in 4 pleasant modes: Play Six, in fact, can be played in the Navy Bomb, King Card, Magik Disco and Funny Fly variants. On the net there are several tutorials that explain how to proceed but by reading this guide you will easily understand what the rules are, how you can perform a recharge and how you can take your winnings. Remember that the game has a multiple cadence and that it is always available, you just have to sign up for the chosen site and become the owner of a game account: you may be the player who conquers the jackpot area.

Rules for playing the Play Six

As we said the rules for to gamble At the Play Six they are easy, in addition this national lottery allows you to choose the game context you prefer among the 4 proposed. If you choose Navy Bomb you will find a graphics very similar to that of the naval battle and you will discover that the scenography is accompanied by captivating sound effects that contribute to making the game even more real. Your task is to place naval units on the sea, where you will have to defend the 6 points that correspond to the positioning of the ships. In this game you will have the opportunity to obtain the instant prize, equal to the amount of the game, if individuals in which porthole is the fish. Does the green table fascinates you and consider the card game the most beautiful in the world? In this case, choose King Card and select 6 cards from the deck.

As soon as the extraction will take place, you will find out if you won by saving 3, 4 and 5 cards, if you won the jackpot or if you are more lucky in a future extraction. In this variant of Play Six, get the instant prize finding the ball below the glass: also in this case the prize is the same as the amount bet. With Magik Disco you will find yourself choosing between some sestines located inside a box: if you guess all 6 numbers of a sestine get the jackpot as Bonusnull As we said, you have 25% of the possibility of grabbing the instant prize which, in this case, is the rabbit under the cylinder. The last game mode is Funny Fly: a blue sky await you and many clouds where the 36 numbers are arranged. Choose 6 you will compete in the lottery and if you find the ladybug Vinci the instant prize. In particular holidays such as Christmas, the sites also offer a themed game, called Mad Xmas. You will have to select the 6 numbers in the appropriate folders and attend the extraction: before each episode you can decide to buy different cards.

Each minimum play, whatever the play Six variant you have chosen, has a cost of 0.50 $ while the number of sestines you can play varies from one to fourteen for a maximum amount of 7 $. Also know that the draws are controlled by AAMS and are made through software that ensures impartiality. Many authorized and legal sites also offer demo versions with which you can make the episodes, understand the game mechanisms and apply the rules: these are an interesting and easy -to -apply online entertainment that can be played everywhere.

How to play the play Six on online sites

As we said previously to play it is easy and equally simple it is to open the game account at one of the Online casino sites in charge of this type of entertainment. The authorized portals are known for the responsible game that promote according to standards that aim for the protection of the player. If you are of age you can open a play Six account by selecting the authorized website you prefer. In a few steps you can play according to one of the methods listed: so it will be that you will defend the 3, 4, 5 or 6 ship points on Navy Bomb or you will attend the work of the professional Croupier who, after distributing the cards, will make his moves. The possibility of becoming the king of the cards, in King Card, is real. Maybe you don't know that when you choose the sestines in the Magic Disko variant you will have the opportunity to select them according to a horizontal, vertical or oblique orientation that will make the play even more interesting. On online sites, where Funny Fly is proposed, you will find a 9 × 4 matrix in which the numbers are ordered from 1 to 36. Decide with which you want to participate in the Play Six Lottery and select the Favorites, finally click on the "Play" buttonRemember that the methods are contemplated by the game legislation and the provisions can only be given online.

The lotteries have enormous success because they are immediate, simple and have an always very interesting prize pool. Play Six is ​​therefore an intuitive game in which you can win high figures: once you have won a sum (up to 5,200 $) you can collect the online premium using one of the many payment systems present, without necessarily having to go to a physical place. Instead, for winnings higher than this figure you will have to present at the appropriate premium payment points, the printed code, that of identifying the game account, a document and the tax code. Remember that from the moment you have been communicated the win you have 60 days of time: the not collected prizes are collected by the Treasury. After you have presented the documentation and the detail played, the winnings arrives in 30 days. A point on which we at playgambling.org We want to dwell concerns the recharging of the game account: in fact, in addition to several collection systems, the online game also has valid tools to recharge and play. THE Initial depositless sites Authorized by AAMS and enabled to numerical games to the national totalizer, they allow you to open a gaming account and offer promotions and welcome bonuses with which you can start having fun. In many cases the bonus is 100% of the first top -up while in others it can reach up to 50 $. But how to recharge? You can do it through conventional methods such as Postepay, BancoPosta, credit cards and paypal but also with e-wallets, that is, with electronic wallets such as Skrill, Paysafecard, Neteller and others. The transfer option remains valid: for the credit of the sum, however, you will have to wait from 3 to 5 days. It also recalls that if you choose the bank transfer you will not have a minimum charging limit, while with other methods you will have to observe both the minimum and maximum limit.

Compared to the actual game, an interesting question concerns what happens when the competition does not have a winner. In this case, if the missing winnings concern the second and fourth category, the prize pools will go to those categories in which there are winners. Instead, if the lack of a winner concerns the first category, the prize pool will add up to that of the first category of the following competition, becoming even more tempting. As for the environment in which the game is made, the regulation provides that all the variants envisaged are at the same time and that the information relating to the amount of the jackpot and the times of the draws are available. On the subject of winning we can say that with Play Six the more full -bodied one concerns the jackpot: by guessing all 6 the numbers you can get the beautiful figure of 35,000 $. The figures that follow, of course, are lower, in fact with 5 guidelhed numbers you can get 100 $ of prize and the probability of winning are one out of 10,821. If the numbers are 4, the amount drops to 10 $ but the possibilities that become one in 299 go up. There are three exact numbers? There are many chances of guessing: about one out of 24. In the last case, since there are numerous possibilities, the award drops further and reaches 4 $.

Play the play Six online from mobile devices

Defined the daily minienalotto, Play Six met a great success both for the 4 game variants and for the consistency of the jackpot. To these peculiarities that have led to the high participation of Lotterie fans, the instant premiums and the numerous possibilities to win them are added. Not only that: adults can also play from abroad, even if this can only happen if the player plays from a country that allows it. Playing a mobile device is the way to access this leisure everywhere, unfortunately, however, despite many games of Lotterie use apps that allow you to focus with a simple touch on the smartphone, to date for Play Six there is no application. This does not mean that both from the smartphone and the tablet can enjoy this nice entertainment, access the profile and recharge the account, at any time and safely.