Million Day - Information and rules for playing

Million Day? It is the "day of the million"! If you too have heard of Million Day and you are wondering what we are followed by Casinoonlineams.com and find out. The first clue we intend to give you is "Lottomatica": does it tell you something? Lottomatica is the great American protagonist of the lotteries: it is precisely Lottomatica that in 2018 he launched Million Day on the market, to transform it into a revolutionary lottery, ready to conquer all the bettors of the peninsula. At the launch of Million Day Lottomatica he decided to promote the new lottery with a truly tempting promotion even for the newbies: the brand's promise was to return 50% of the total bet from each bettor up to a maximum established limit. After a month after the launch of Million Day, the lottery was enriched with a bonus series in favor of the players. Each player had 30 days to be able to make a number of games, after which he could enjoy the bonuses that may have matured. The last promotion, however, provides for the assignment of a welcome bonus of 10 $. The welcome bonus is granted to all players who decide to open a gaming account in order to access the Million Day. The policy adopted by Lottomatica therefore provides for the credit of 10 $ on the new game account in the face of 10 $ filed.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of the Million Day

Open the game account, even in Legal sites where you can win real money without deposit required, it is really easy, just as intuitive it is to proceed with the game: 55 are the numbers made available and you will only have to choose 5. To find out if you have won you will have to wait for the extraction of the day of the game that takes place at 7pm. To win you will have to undivarous a combination of numbers ranging from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 numbers. The greater the numbers you will be able to guess, the greater the win that you will take you home. The maximum amount you can grab is equal to 1 million $. Since its entry on the market, in February 2018, until March 2018, the Million Day lottery managed to win an amount greater than 5 and a half million $ to its fans, while until today 25 lucky players have been that one million $ took home. For them, the day of the million has already arrived.

Rules for playing Million Day

The Million Day lottery provides that you choose, as mentioned, 5 numbers from 1 to 55. The extraction of the winning numbers takes place every day at 7pm. To extract the numbers of the Million Day, Lottomatica makes use of random automatic software, which has The task of selecting a sequence of five numbers between 1 and 55 in a completely random way. The goodness of the system and its correct and fair functioning was assessed and approved by the Customs Agency and State Monopolies. According to the mechanism developed for this lottery you can play starting from midnight of one day and until 23:59 of the same day. Operators cannot accept any play only between 18:45 and 19:14: the reason for this ban is intrinsic to the game itself. In fact, daily extraction takes place in this period. All the games made before 18:45 will therefore be valid for the competition of 19:00, those made after 19:14, however, can compete for the victory of the competition of the next day.

It may also happen that the extraction of the numbers does not take place at 19:00. In this case and for reasons of force majeure, the extraction will be performed in the following minutes, or alternatively in the following hours. In any case, the extraction must be concluded before the start of the next. To find out the numbers extracted, the players can both stay in the receiver and view the "Extractions newsletter" on the monitors, but also reach the site of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, where it is possible to view the numbers extracted on the dedicated page. In addition, you can reach the site dedicated to Million Day, Millonday.it, where daily draws are published daily. Once you played the numbers you are delivered a receipt. As you can observe yourself after completing your play, the receipt reports the Million Day logo, below which the numbers played, the day of the game, the date and time are present. Finally, the amount played and all the codes that refer to the receiver in which you made your play is shown. When you play, be sure that all these data are actually present on the receipt and above all that they are well readable: if it were not so it is better to request the printing of a new receipt to the operator. Keep the game receipt until there is an extraction: if your combination is winning, the receipt will be considered valid only if it is intact and perfectly legible.

The cost of each game has a fixed fee equal to one euro, Bonus included. For each extraction, 200 played games have the same combination at national level, while you can make up to 20 single games together and up to a maximum of multiple games. Obviously you will receive a receipt for each play. So let's go see how much you could win by playing Million Day. To win something you must be able to spot at least two of the numbers extracted. If two numbers of your game correspond to two of those extracted, you will bring a prize equal to 2.17 times the stakes. If the numbers you will be able to identify are three, the premium rises to 54.34 times the stakes. With 4 right numbers, however, the premium rises to 1,086.95 times the mail. If luck kisses you and you can predict all 5 and extracted numbers will be recognized 1,086,956.52 times the mail. To these figures it is necessary to subtract 8% of withholding tax. So with 2 numbers you will win 2 $, with three 50 $, with 4 thousand $ and with 5 numbers one million $.

If you manage to "catch" two or more extracted numbers you will only have to go to the receiver and present the original receipt of the game. As said, it must be intact, containing all the necessary and above all legible data. To request the recognition of your win you have 60 days from the date of extraction, or from the appearance of the numbers extracted on the official bulletin. To verify the correctness of the extraction, a supervisory commission was placed. To further guarantee the security and equity of the extracted numbers, the development of the system generation of the cryptographic keys, which are the basis of the extraction of the numbers is modified annually. For the modification of the cryptographic keys, the concessionaire intervenes, therefore lottomatica, always under the control of a supervisory commission. Depending on the sum you won, the procedures to follow to collect them are different. The winnings can belong to one of the two expected bands. The low or high band, according to the amounts to be collected. All the sums that do not exceed 10 thousand and 500 $ belong to the low band, considered gross of 8% provided for by the withholding tax. In this case the win is credited to your gaming account.

In the case of winnings greater than $ 10,500, always including taxes of 8%, it will be necessary to reach a branch of the Insta Sanpaolo Institute or the Lottomatica premium office S.p.A. which is based in Rome. To collect a high -end win you will also have to present your documents, primarily the identity document and the tax code, in addition to the receipt. In particular, you will have to show the ID of the game, which identifies your winning combination. From the moment of your request for collection, and within 30 days, the appropriate commission will meet, appointed ad hoc by ADM. When the correctness of the game is verified then the payment of the win can be authorized. For the collection of the sum due you will have the possibility to choose from multiple payment methods. To play, as seen, you can go to the receiver and communicate your winning combination to the operator. In fact, it is also possible to play Million Day from a digital device present in the receiver: to finalize your game you just have to click on the chosen numbers and send them to the system. Obviously it is always better to check the correctness of the numbers before proceeding to send. Million Day can also be played at a distance, that is, through all the channels prepared by the points of sale authorized to issue play.

How to play Million Day on online sites

Million Day is one of the lotteries of Lottomatica who has received greatest response from the players and all fans of the genre. Precisely for this reason, Lottomatica has decided to extend the possibility of Play also inside online casinosnull Almost immediately, and a few weeks after the launch on the Million Day market, the lottery was already available on the online Gambling market. What does this mean? Simply that you can play and try your luck at Million Day from your home PC and at any time of the day. This possibility does not preclude you the opportunity to become a millionaire even when you don't want to go out to reach the nearest receiver. To play in the online casino in Million Day you still have to be 18 years old.

Play the Million Day online from mobile devices

Do you like playing Million Day and are you among those who punctually go to the receiver every day? Or are you among fans who prefer to make their episode from the home PC? Regardless of which category you feel closest to know that you have another possibility to play Million Day, or from mobile devices. Lottomatica, in fact, has provided a special app through which it is possible to bet on 5 lucky numbers from any place and at any time. The great advantage is that you will not have to wait for the reception to launch your bet or necessarily be at home in front of the PC to do it. For playing from mobile Million Day you have to download the app. After that you can proceed exactly as you would do in a receiver, that is to choose the five numbers, between 1 and 55, and point your euro. If your mobile game is successful, just reach a Lottomatica Receiver and show the operator the QR-Code present in the digital receipt screen. To use the app you must register for the Lottomatica portal, enter your personal data and create a game account, exactly as you would do to access any type of online casino.