Lotto - Information and rules for playing

Lotto, one of the best known and widespread gambling games, was not born as many believe in American territory. France was the country within which this pastime originated. The name Lotto, in fact, derives from the term "Lot", translatable as "fate". On the other hand, his characteristic element is precisely luck. Lotto draws are based on a mechanism that recalls, in some way, the one adopted by other equally known games such as Tombola and Bingo (with the latter the lot shares playable numbers, that is 90). In USA the lot reached the maximum popularity in the 80s and 90s, two decades in which millions of viewers used to follow the exciting phases of the extraction live from the TV screen. Nowadays, the same draws are streaming; Just use a PC to follow them in maximum comfort. What are the factors that have transformed this game into a real costume phenomenon? Certainly, to positively affect the fame of the lot, it was the system adopted for the extraction of winning numbers. The fact of transmitting the procedure live reassures enthusiasts on the truthfulness of the extraction. By operating in this way the danger of "making up" the extraction itself or of "manipulating" results is averted. Also American online casino They cannot make up draws. This feeling is strengthened by the presence of a notary.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of the lot

Another element not to be underestimated is represented by the small investment required to bet within All free casino sitesYou can also try your luck by limiting yourself to a minimum play of 1 euro. The maximum value admitted for a single play, however, is equal to 200 $ (with cuts of 0.50 $). As for the prizes, the maximum winning win with a single sheet is 6 million $. Inside the card you will have the opportunity to select from 1 to 10 numbers, which will be reported one following the other (following a growing order). You will also have the opportunity to decide whether to play the selected numbers on a specific wheel, or if to do it on multiple wheels (nothing will prevent you from playing on all wheels). The cost of your schedule will vary, therefore, depending on the amount of numbers played and chosen wheels. Keep in mind that, so that a win is configured, it is not enough to guess the extracted numbers; In fact, you will be required to bet on one or more combinations, choosing them among those admitted by the regulation. We invite you to continue reading if you want to have detailed information on the combinations and other aspects of the lot regulation.

Rules for playing lot

A single "competition" of the lot involves the extraction of 5 numbers (between 1 and 90) for each single wheel. There are 10 wheels that come into play (Bari, Cagliari, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Turin and Venice), to which is added the "national wheel". As we anticipated in the previous paragraph, bettors also have the opportunity to bet on the wheel called "all"; In doing so, the game will extend to all wheels, except for the national wheel. What do the names assigned to the wheels date back to? To the fact that, originally, the extractions took place in the corresponding city. For some time, however, there are only 3 cities involved directly (Milan, Naples and Rome). In order to guarantee maximum transparency, the draws are held simultaneously in the expected 3 days (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). The protagonist, on such occasions, is a circular urn, whose operation is linked to the use of a jet of compressed air, necessary to continuously mix the 90 balls (each has a different value, from 1 to 90) in the urn. The 5 extracted numbers are shown to the cameras in a "consequential" way, as the same order is an important element in the formation of the winning combinations. The latter are identified, starting from the minimum combination to that of higher value, with the names of "Extract", "both and both", "terno", "quaterna" and "cinquina".

The "extracted" combination is also known as "Ambata", and is divided in turn into "simple extract" and "determined extract". To differentiate them is the fact that, in the second case, a player will not limit himself to guessing the number, also betting on the extraction order (the number extracted was the first, the second, the third, the fourth or fifth?)) Obviously, the determined impact is associated with a more substantial prize than that recognized in the simple entry. At this point it can be useful to remember how a typical lot play is made. Choose the numbers (from a minimum of 1 number to 10 numbers) select the wheel (from 1 to 10 wheels, all or national wheel). The total amount of your schedule will vary on the basis of the sum that you have decided to invest, to the total numbers, the wheels and the selected combination.

How to play lotto on online sites

For several years now, gambling enthusiasts have been given the opportunity to have fun by betting not only from the authorized receivers of our country, but also by opting for online mode. Among others, Lotto, Superenalotto and 10 and Lotto are probably those who have drawn the greatest advantage, in terms of popularity, from new technologies. The web allows players to bet 24 hours a day (saving some exceptions, which will be specified later), using only an internet connection and a PC (or the touch screen of smartphone o tablet). Obviously, because the game is perfectly legal it is necessary that your choice falls on a site with regular AAMS authorization. The appearance of the electronic sheet, and its functions, remain practically identical to those of the paper version. Once compiled with the help of the mouse or, if the game is made by a mobile device by touching the touch screen with the finger, your bet will be recorded in the national circuit dedicated to the lot, together with all the other games collected , be they coming from the receivers or the web.

If the game mechanism of the online lot appears extremely simple, before being able to dedicate a player to bets, a player is required, inside the chosen casino, a gaming account. Obviously, if you are already enrolled in a virtual room you will not have to proceed with a new registration, limiting yourself to using the credentials in your possession. Played the online schedule you will only have to wait for the extraction to know the outcome. We now reserve a few words to the times when it is possible to make the episodes to the lot online. If on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday you can bet from 00:00 to 23:59, on the days dedicated to draws (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), the games will be available from 00:00 to 19:30, e From 21:30 to 23:59.

Making a summary of the obliged passages because your lotto bets have value, the first action to be made consists in choosing the number (or numbers) to be played (from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10 of the 90 available). Continue by choosing the "fate", the amount to be associated and the wheel on which to play. The next step will be the possible selection of a subscription, a multiple or a system. Sent the game will remain only to wait for the outcome of the extraction. It should be remembered how a button is associated with the virtual card, clicking which a window will open. The latter will allow you to repeat the game for multiple consecutive competitions; It is in this way that the "subscriptions" just mentioned come into play. From the same window you will have the opportunity to repeat the game within the same competition; This will configure the so -called "multiple play". As for the "systems", always activated from the aforementioned window, these are combinations of already "ready" numbers (we speak of default combinations), ideal for users who wish to bet quickly, and without committing too much in the choice of numbers.

The time has now come to indicate the factors that have allowed the online lot to see the number of players grow progressively (this at the expense of the traditional games made in the receiver). In addition to the convenience of being able to play without moving from home (using the PC) and at any time of the day (especially using smartphones or tablets), there are also other advantages. In any case, we premise that the final prize pool of the online version not varied compared to the traditional lot. By relying on the web you will have the opportunity to change your games until the time of payment. In addition, you can view the minimum winnings associated with the wager made by you. Another strength of the online lotto is the possibility of taking advantage of a series of bonuses and promotions. In particular, the habit of virtual rooms is widespread to offer players a "welcome bonus", to which you will have access once the game account is created, and made the first payment.

Finally, if you are approaching the lot for the first time, you can choose to play Lotto online even without investing money. Several sites, in fact, make available to users a "simulated lotto" version, thanks to which you can bet without risks on the extraction of numbers carried out by a random generator. The player will only be up to the task of filling in the cereb. The mechanism is completely identical to that of the online lot but, in the absence of an investment of money, it will not be possible to collect a possible win. If, surfing the internet, if I came to come across sites that promise cash winnings without requiring any "payment", consider that surely these pages do not enjoy the AAMS authorization; The advice is to stay away. In fact, the lotto is a gambling regulated by the state. Therefore, it is not possible to participate and win prizes for free. A last aspect that deserves to be treated by talking about Lotto online, is that of safety. If you choose to play from the official Lottomatica website, or from an online casino recorded at the State Monopolies (therefore equipped with the AAMS authorization) you will have nothing to fear from this point of view. The investments of the virtual rooms in this area are increasingly conspicuous, precisely in order to guarantee users an extremely satisfactory experience, so much so that they will bring them back to playing on several occasions. In particular, the attention of the managers is paid to the protection of sensitive data.

Playing online lotto from mobile devices

We have already indicated the possibility of betting not only from PC, but also from smartphones or tablets with this fabulous online gamblingnull In this case there are two roads that you can travel: download an app or play directly on the mobile site. The Lotto app is very intuitive, and makes the game decidedly similar to the bets made on PC. How to use it? Simply, you will have to enter the reference store of your portable device, then proceed with the download. In a few seconds the app will be downloaded. Subsequently only to "log in" will be required to start betting.