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Lottery is synonymous with the most archaic form of gambling and when we say Lottery USA we can narrow the field to the American peninsula alone. The game is simple and intuitive: as you will probably know the game is based on the extraction of numbers that compose a winning combination, which can concern both cash prizes and in luxury goods. Unlike what happens in other countries of the world, where any kind of lottery is prohibited, the USA Lottery is managed in the peninsula by a state body. As defined by the Body itself, the prizes provided for the winnings of the USA Lottery are Equi, or the relationship between the cost of the game and the obtainable prize is absolutely balanced. If this applies to lotteries such as the American Lottery, which undergoes an iron regulation, the same is not for the lotteries without any regulation: in these cases the relationship between the tickets sold and the value of the prize provided for the winners is not balanced , going to favor the manager or the dealer. In any case, the amount of the total premiums provided is equal to a defined percentage of the sum collected by the sale of tickets. If you are wondering where it was born and how the lottery was born as gambling you will be amazed in knowing that it has Chinese origins. The citizens of the Golden Dragon, in fact, were the first who already around 200 a. C. realized a sort of lottery with the aim of carrying out the construction of works of public utility.

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General characteristics of the USA Lottery

And the USA Lottery, on the other hand, when does it come? Well, to see the first game of gambling that resembles Lottery USA we have to go back in time, to 1449. It is January 9 and we are in Piazza Sant’Ambrogio in Milan. Also in this case, a bit like it happened for the Chinese, the lottery is organized to raise funds, but in this case, the reason was to make cash for the current war against Venice. To develop the first Milanese lottery is Cristoforo Taverna, banker. USA is obviously not the only European state where the lottery as a form of game takes hold: in Bruges, in 1466, it organizes a widow of the Flemish painter Van Eyck, complete with the sale of tickets. The aim was to be supported by the many poor. Even France is not lacking, where the game of the lottery was so widespread as early as 1500 that Francesco i "state", imposing that the extraction of the winning numbers was carried out using five wheels. The mechanism was similar to what will then be the modern extraction of the first Lottery USA, or five numbers were extracted, each chosen by taking it from one of the five polls. In addition, Francesco I makes the lottery in Strasbourg, Lille, Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon legal.

The appearance of the lotteries in England is more late. We are in 1566 when these games D’Azzardo are authorized by Queen Elizabeth I. exactly as for the Chinese, the lotteries in England are launched to finance public works, in particular for the construction or improvement of ports. The passage of the lottery from financing tool for public or beneficial works by profit is very short. If in USA in 1735 the lotteries continue to be used as tools to support the works of utility, such as the reclamation of the swampy territories, with unity the national government takes the reins of the game of lot and the lotteries, now very widespread on the whole national territory. Precursor of the American Lottery is the Tripoli lottery, launched in 1932, followed by the national solidarity lottery, active starting from 1946. The American Lottery proper is proper to the public in 1958 and is linked to television broadcasts broadcast on Rai. The USA Lottery survives at time, unlike the other national lotteries, and since 1988 it has been regulated and managed by the Customs and Monopolies Agency.

Mamma Rai broadcasts related to the USA Lottery

Over the years, there have been several television broadcasts related to the USA Lottery and also to Betting on sportnull The first transmission that presents the American Lottery to the general public is very song, which sees the presence of the Lottery USA between 1958 and 1962. In 1963, however, the Lottery Italia is proposed on the Grand Prix broadcast, and then moved to '64 a Naples against everyone and in '65 at the proof of the nine. Peppino De Filippo proposed in 1966 the American Lottery on a royal scale and then on VERY PARTY in 1967. The American Lottery returned in 1968, to remain there until 1974 on Canzonissima. From 1975 to 1980 the USA Lottery returns to jump from one transmission to another. From a stroke of luck to whom?. In 1977 the USA Lottery ended for the first time on a color television broadcast. From 81 to 1991 the USA Lottery is proposed in fantastic. Since 1992 the extraction has been performed during bet that ...? And in 1966 in Carramba what a surprise.

From 1987 to 2010, the laps of the USA Lottery are left within the various television programs broadcast on Rai 1. The USA Lottery then passes from your business to Dancing with the stars, from Carramba that luck to the train of desires, to return again at your business and finally to the best years. Starting from 2011 and at least until 2014, the USA Lottery abandoned the first evening to move on to a morning program such as the test of the cook. From this moment he will return to in the years following the test of the cook, then your business and finally the usual unknown people.

Rules for playing the USA Lottery

If you intend to try your luck at the USA Lottery, even within the casino gratis, you don't have to worry: it's very simple. It will be sufficient to buy a ticket, usually available at receivers and tobacconists, and then wait for the day of extraction to check whether or not you have won an award. From the moment you buy your ticket until the date on which the winning combinations will often be extracted, it often spends a lot of time. The day of extraction, for a long time, is January 6th. The USA Lottery, exactly like all international lotteries, includes a very rich first prize. Other consolation prizes are added to this first prize, which are established by the General Game Committee. The first prize draws, as well as the consolation prizes of the USA Lottery always take place within the Customs and Monopolies Agency, based in Rome. Specifically the room to carry out the draws is the G.G. Beautiful. When the numbers are made of the numbers, the General Game Committee is always present.

The combinations of extracted numbers are presented to the public on television, and then also be published in local newspapers and within the official website of the Customs and Monopolies Agency. Usually the winning combination is made up of two letters preceding a series of numbers and letters. From the combination of letters and numbers, the General Game Committee manages to immediately go back to the place where the winning ticket was sold.

How to play the USA Lottery on online sites

Like any lottery, the USA Lottery was born as a paper lottery. The evolution of this gambling has prompted the game managers to make it available online. On the portals related to Lottomatica, which manages the USA Lottery, as well as on All online casino sites Authorized by AAMS, it is possible to play and bet to lotteries very similar to the USA Lottery. This opportunity was designed to allow players to try their luck and try the thrill of a lottery win without having to wait months even before discovering the winning combination of extracted numbers. Unlike the USA Lottery, in fact, the lotteries on online casinos allow you to immediately know the verdict.

Although the lotteries in the online casinos are exciting must be chosen by making a lot of attention: in order not to make you fregose and transform your bet into a waste of time and money entrusted only and exclusively the game portals that have a license rule issued by AAMS. The reason is soon called: the online casinos with AAMS license were subjected to assessments and tests on the safety and equity of the proposed games. In this way you have the certainty that your personal data and sensitive data are safe from fraud, whether the games are balanced, that is, that the automated extraction system of numbers guarantees a good percentage of winning.

In fact, the same games launched inside the online casinos are subject to scrutiny: the body verifies that there is a balanced relationship between the money hit by the players and the winnings, without hidden tricks and scams. Playing a portal that does not have AAMS license, in addition to being illegal, could cause you the loss or theft of personal data, as well as having as a consequence of making you focus on a game that does not intend to make you win.

Playing the USA Lottery online from mobile devices

As mentioned, the actual game of the USA Lottery is available only in paper form. This does not mean that you will not be able to try your luck to a lottery even online. Gambling platforms and above all the online games manufacturers have in fact developed several identical instant lotteries, except in the name, at the American Lottery. It is possible to play not only as a desktop, but also from mobilenull Playing lotteries like the USA Lottery is really very simple and intuitive, as well as undeniably fast. What you need to just do is buying a ticket and discovering a moment later if you won something. To play online struggles from Mobile it is not necessary to download the game clients of the online casino platforms, and you can also play even without real money. From Mobile, then both from your smartphone and from your tablet, to play a lottery it will be sufficient to connect to the official portal of the chosen platform and reach the lottery page. If you play without real money you will only have to do your attempts without the need to register on the portal.

If you intend to invest money, however, you have to register for the online casino and open a game account. As it is said, it is very important to ascertain that the online casino site you choose is authorized by AAMS: this means that you will play in complete safety as well as in legality. To register you will need to confirm your personal data, enter an identity document and send it to the online casino via email. This procedure is necessary to allow the portal to verify that you are turned eighteen. If you do not immediately send your identity document you must remember to do it within thirty days from the creation of the account: otherwise the platform is authorized to block the game account. In any case, it is not convenient not to send the copy of the identity document immediately: if you do not, in fact, the online casino on which you have opened an account cannot be credited with the winnings you have scored. In addition to playing directly from the official online casino portals you can also download the apps that contain the lotteries. In this way, just start the app and, through your account, start the game. Have you already tried your luck to the lottery? If you did not do it, don't wait any longer! This could be the right time to play and win a dizzying prize pool, of those who change your life.